@em well, goat and maxi seem to have taken slots five and six, so i'll be the seventh

@lanodan @em @zatnosk
You've heard the joke about a red neck vasectomy? (Light an M-80 in a beer can and count to 10.) Writing click bait headlines is done by those who don't know what to do with the beer can after 5

@em give me a few more months of HRT and i'll join the list

@em It says pretty clearly that Queen Elizabeth II is next in the last screenshot.

I think we should be concerned about the 6th woman.

@em I call the next available slot.

@em this is the most amount of boosts i've ever seen on a toot

@em Finally the truth come out! Does Dolly Parton is Make Women?

@em a skateboarder, a nurse, a general and a chancellor... there must be some sort of pattern here

@em so

So far we only had 4 women in the entire history of humanity?


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