ok i'm very curious now,

are there kitchen scales in the kitchen you use, and do you use that when cooking?

@Thomas hell yeah! that's definitely when they're most important

@Thomas but i always use them if i'm doing the kind of cooking where i measure things

@em yeah, outside of baking I don't *really* measure things. Just sort of approximate.

@em I don't have money for a scale but I want one for baking really fussy stuff (like macarons) and for coffee

@scoots ahh that sucks, maybe you can find a real cheap one to just use for now? like my old one was under 10 bucks i'm pretty sure

@em maybe when I'm employed again I can find one at Walmart. It seems like it's be very useful

@em i have two kitchen scales, one which was expensive and goes up to 22 pounds

@em but I would use it. Of course. Scales and graduated cylinders in forms of cups, whatever, are a must in the kitchen for best recipes.

Experienced cooks can measure with their senses and eyes, sure, but they do measure. For them is measuring not essential to make great taste.

@em I have a measuring jug thingy that gives the weights &/or volumes for all different things all around the edge, eg. Rice, flour, sugar, milk, oats, etc

@spdrcstl oh that's handy! i still think flour is such a hassle to measure without actual scales tho bc the same amount will be different volumes depending on how hard it's packed

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