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@em glad that the marketplace of ideas ensures that the best rises to the top

@em Capitalism is a legal machine learning thing breaking its host like a ML learning to break the videogame to get the numbers to go up. 😭

@em this is the inverse of Victorian novelists stretching stories into serials and getting paid by the word so never ending the story.

@em growth being the ends rather than a means strikes again

@Bluedepth huh, that seems like a pretty sexist euphemism!

@em Ah. Short sighted profits. Gotta love capitalist efficiency.

@em i really doubt Netflix purposefully ends entire series with 100+ people on staff and production in order to avoid giving a single show runner a pay raise

@nutsling @em is that because you think they’d have moral problems with it? Because I have bad news about capitalism

@BlazerBluejeans @em no im saying its unlikely that a popular show that earns more than it costs would be cancelled just to personally spite someone on production who is admittedly the most disposable and easy to replace — like, i get it, we hate capitalism, but you don’t have to invent false irrational reasons in order to do so


it's arguably a bit worse; the *other* reason shows end so early comparatively is pay increases for performers being in the boilerplate. so the fact that production has to pay money to the humans making the show more over time cuts down a LOT of series early for "financial reasons", i.e., we don't know how to make this compelling without the novelty of being new, and return's too low. 🙄

(frex, Damages, say. it gets canceled, picked up. canceled again, picked up again, denouement.)

@em @Sapphicgiraffic Gotta save their money so they can make fifty more Adam Sandler movies

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On the other hand, many series get tired quickly after the 2nd series and just get milked like a cash cow. See lost, under the dome, big bang theory. Even a second series of man in the high castle was a stretch tbh.

@em I'd like to see some more 3rd party verification of this claim. So for this just looks like captured text designed to provoke.
It's a little on the not-believable side. They didn't keep making Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things for no reason.

Netflix has kinda become the Tesla of Entertainment. They're simply bad at their job and keep losing money left and right. To hide it they push out a few shiny, expensive new shows each quarter to attract new customers and investors into their pyramid scheme, while shutting down established shows before they're complete and shrinking the library.

Netflix has more than 20 billion US-$ of debt now, hasn't paid back any of that debt, but they want to spend 15 billion on content in 2019. It's insane.

@em from a purely watcher's perspective, I actually think it's how it should be. There's a law that most sitcoms, no matter what is it about, devolves into a relationship soap opera by the third season. I would rather watch something new with a story line like Breaking Bad rather than the last 9 seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

@isagalaev breaking bad was five seasons dude what are you talking about

@em I know :-) What I was trying to say is that a show with a story line is better than an episobe-by-episode sitcom, and the former tend to be shorter. I admit it's only slightly related to the Netflix story, but I'm just a little fed up with never ending empty sitcoms, and thought "the less of that the better" :-)

I'm fine with it if it teaches show writers to END A STORY

all this writing for hope of season renewal has massacred narrative in tv shows

It's awful, I'm fine with a very specific nuance/idea here

@xurizaemon @em Yeah, the screw the cast idea is unfortunate, but if the show runners know ahead of time that 2 seasons is going to be the max they could try negotiating a higher rate to start with ---

I love tightly done shows and not milking a concept to death. There isn't a single episode of Black Books or the IT Crowd this isn't brilliantly written.

2 seasons is what? 20+ hours of television at least? You should be able to say whatever it is you came to say by then.

@em I'm confused about which popular shows they've ended that early? I can only think of the marvel ones which got cancelled for another reason

@em does this mean I'm not gonna get season 3 of glow

Yeah I never expect anything to run longer than 2. At least Santa Clarita Diet and GLOW got third seasons!

spoilers, Santa Clarita 

spoilers, Santa Clarita 

@em this has been making the rounds in Sense8 discussions and no one is happy about it. It’s like, just care *a little bit* about the artistic side of shit. Just a little bit.

@sweetmercury @em im still so mad sad they killed it. I had so much life left to give. It is STILL my favorite Netflix original

@ItsJenNotGabby @em i knew watching the last 30 minutes of the last ep that it was over. It was like “oh they had to wrap this up in 3 scenes”

@em Capitalism whyyyyy let us have nice things!

@em Interesting. The Netflix model has been noted to have many advantages in terms of creative power, but I hadn't thought of such a downside

Capitalism is great at finding needs to fulfill, and satisfying them only to the degree such that people aren't actually satisfied and will thus continue to pay.

@em on the one hand I'm down with the idea of writing shows that have an ending rather than stretch until they lose any and all flavor and identity. On the other hand just chopping things after the second season 'because subscribers' feels like a. The wrong reason to do it and b. Not leaving room for exceptions for shows that actually do better as they keep running.

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