bro you just posted in a homosexual manner, prepare to get clout

@em i've benn calling up Foucault and chatting for 97 hours just to unpack the phrase "acting in a homosexual manner"

@em no and I can't find the point counter, how am I supposed to track how many homosexual acts I have to go

@em I’m doing it for the clout*

*cute boy kisses

@em now I need to think how can I farm "clout" to be "clout superstar"

sarcasm Show more

@em I'm not sure what "clout" is but it seems someone owes me a lot of it.

@em 150 trans people, myself included, got suspended from Twitter yesterday because some hateful 14 year old pissant reported the "Shut the fuck up TERF" memes everyone was posting. No one is online saying they're gay for the clout. No one would subject themselves to this level of shit. Being gay isn't popular; it's living with a target on your back.

@em no, I'm getting internet points. they're only known as "clout"

@em I mean, IM not,💙💛💓 but like,,,Kate and Zoe are :100_gay: AF and they have clout. I think it's just bc theyre cool though, not necessarily the gay thing.

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