bro you just posted in a homosexual manner, prepare to get clout

@em i've benn calling up Foucault and chatting for 97 hours just to unpack the phrase "acting in a homosexual manner"

@em no and I can't find the point counter, how am I supposed to track how many homosexual acts I have to go

@em I’m doing it for the clout*

*cute boy kisses

@em now I need to think how can I farm "clout" to be "clout superstar"

@em oh god no. this is a photoshop right...?


@em I'm not sure what "clout" is but it seems someone owes me a lot of it.

@em I mean, IM not,💙💛💓 but like,,,Kate and Zoe are :100_gay: AF and they have clout. I think it's just bc theyre cool though, not necessarily the gay thing.

Yeah I do it for clout
Ur (& my)

@em how to tally my i-points now that klout and favstar are gone

@em damn, I'm bi. no wonder i ain't known worth shit

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