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please please please watch this

@em #cutegerbils #pets #saveforlater just doing this so I can come back to this post later and save the vid

@em this reminds me of a fantastic cat video I saw long ago where two adults were gripping a hunk of meat and growling at each other in a stalemate and an oblivious kitten was happily tearing chunks off the middle

@em this is adorable and also a bit nostalgic as it reminds me of how our old Betamax VCR treated our tapes.

@em i was not expecting the middle one to win

:blobgrin: the middle guy is like:
let me solve your situation

My life is richer and imbued with greater fulfillment and meaning for having experienced that.

@em I'm deeply intrigued by why they randomly stop, standing completely still, and then carry on as if nothing happened. It's as if they were like "Wait, did I leave the stove on?? Well anyway... *munch*"

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