@em i had pocket recommend me an article about how cool and good the airforce is by way of pretending to be about capt marvel. great stuff

@em ever since michael "i love boom boom car girl money" bay got the air force in the trainsformer movies, our timeline was set on a collision course with this point


Oh Boy, I can't wait to climb into an F-35 and have my stealth paint chip off in the rain, just as a flash of lightning 2 miles away disables my avionics.

Love to get downed by surface to air missles from the 70's becuase I have the manuverability of a flying dump truck.

Love to get outpreformed by a fucking MIG.

@Roxxie_Riot @em look, you can't expect an aerospace contractor to anticipate every one-in-a-million edge case where you might want to use their plane, such as "raining"

@em @robotcarsley

If you want to fly a plane during a stiff breeze, honestly you have nobody to blame but yourself.

@em yeah, it's not so far removed from just being a fantasy version of the military...
supersoliders fighting for Truth Justice & The American Way®, and, importantly, not dwelling on any of the realities to do with trauma, war crimes, etc.
so mainstream comics culture ends up being a much better vector for recruiting uninformed kids with stars in their eyes than media about the military itself (i wouldn't exactly be hype to enlist after full metal jacket, for instance), & the military sure does know it :|

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