@em give me aminal crossing news or give me death imho

@pisscotheque i think it's pretty likely! AC and fire emblem are the two big upcoming things right, they have to show at least one

@pisscotheque @em its probably about that 2019 switch pokemon mainline game they promised us when they saw how lukewarm the reception of lets go was

@wintgenstein @pisscotheque oh i don't think that was damage control, like it seems obvious to make sure everyone knows there's a new game coming when you announce the spinoff

@wintgenstein @pisscotheque but yeah i think we'll start seeing new pokemon soon, it's about that time

@em @wintgenstein ooh i hope there's luigi's mansion news too. if they announce another damn pokemon game but don't talk about luigi's mansion i will have a spasm

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