wait wtf america doesn't use the same paper sizes as the rest of the world? what happened to this country

@lyliawisteria A4 is 210mm (8.3") x 297mm (11.7") and vastly better 😉

@em what use is a standard paper size if you have a measurement system that nobody else uses

@em In 1793, Congress voted to adopt the metric system but the ship carrying the necessary kilogram and meter artifacts from France was attacked by pirates so they never got here.

@em @er1n they do not. Americans have the US Letter (long and slim) format while the rest of the world goes for A4 (shorter and fatter).

Why? No f**king clue. Probably for the same reason they have no standard unit of measure.

@em I would do horrible things to be able to use paper with sensible names.

a4 and a5 make so much more sense than letter and digest.

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