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@em oh cool no just wondering if there was a specific reason

@em Some of them are not immediately obvious, but I trust you

@em You must have some wisdom about Captain Falcon that I don't

@Aleums so my idea of captain falcon comes entirely from the webcomic Brawl in the Family where he's a big nerd with a crush on samus

@em okay... it's coming back to me. I'm with you now

@em I saw a version of this with the Zodiac signs and saw Aries was in the "Power Top" Category...

I appear to be an outlier.

@em and by that i mean i have little idea who half of the smash roster is anyway lol

@em if you ask me, they should all be switches,, because of the console

@em pac man eagerly saying "yes yes that's cool let's just gooooo already"

@em I always assumed Bayonetta was very vanilla whenever she's not working.

@em ryu is at the top because he's aro/ace, right?

@boobs_idiot yeah! he's watching over the gang

i think a few of them are aro/ace spec, but Ryu specifically Does Not have sex

@em it's a good chart! i also like that you recognise that Mr Game N Watch definitely fucks.

@boobs_idiot thank you! he's got a lot of tools and a tentacle squid friend, so kinky seemed right

@em no you didn't because switch should have been the middle column

slightly nsfw (position "discourse") Show more

@em am frustrated that switch is not in the middle but the 9 zones contents are more important than their arrangement

So I must applaud :3

@em Thank you for not making ZSS and Samus different people here. That keeps frustrating me.

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