shrek could not get it. what the fuck are you talking about

@em this was the only toot that loaded for me for a while

@em that shouldnt' be the only thing that matters!!! thats like what the whole film was about

@em species is nothing in the face of love (as long as everyone's sapient and consenting)

@em shrek cannot conceive of It as an idea even and if you try to tell him about It that's grounds for banishment

@chr @em i worry about sounding like im trying to start discourse but i had the same thought. shrek is romantic-ace

@chr @em he believes in sweeping Fiona off her feet. he's just sweeping her off her feet so they can go be gross swamp creatures together. and that's beautiful without them having to get sexual

@chr @em did someone ask for ace analysis of shrek is what i should have led off with

@sagebrush @em look folks the meme is "shrek is love" NOT "shrek is fuck"

@em I mean, just because *you're* not into him doesnt mean no one else is. personally I want to peel those layers of clothes he has on him :bloblewd:

@em i enjoyed boosting this post and watching my hordes of angry followers dogpile you for this take

@garfiald they're all coming for me but i just take the bullets and laugh

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