why do dudes think it's so cool to not like anything? like please talk about the things you enjoy instead of the things you don't, i promise you'll have more fun that way

i don't mean you should never complain, i just don't understand why they gotta be like "oh yeah well i *didn't* like that game" or whatever. like it's so smug for no reason

@em I tend to dislike things becuase I want to like them? S'like "Gosh darn this is teteering on the edge of greatness and it's infuriating"?

Usually if something is just outright bad I don't even think about it.

Unironically enjoying things is the wave of the future.

@em I'm trying not no be like this any more. I thoguht it showed that I thought critically about the media I consumed and sparked interesting discussion, but turns out I was just kinda a wangrod.

@em i only enjoy talking about things i don't enjoy and i can confirm i am having more fun so story checks out here

@em this could be an example of a maladapted coping mechanism due to toxic masculinity. To avoid being mocked for things they like they instead act like they dont care or dont like it so they can act aloof and hide a potential weakness from their peers.

I find myself thinking this often. It's so exhausting seeing so many people talk about nothing but things they dislike.

@InvaderXan @em But then again, on they start talking about the thing they like, they suck all the air out of the room and grab all the attention. (I know I sometime do this and must be careful)
So either way, you’re out of luck!

@InvaderXan @em But then again, it’s usually better to hear too much about something someone enjoy instead of them rambling about all the things they hate

@narF @em
There's something I really like about seeing someone talk about something they're genuinely enthralled by. If someone's actually excited about something (as opposed to just trying to show off their knowledge and be the centre of attention) then it's nice to let them speak.

Rather than than those people who act as if everything is boring or terrible. There's a lot in life to be excited about. I don't think it's something to be discouraged.

@InvaderXan @em ah, that I agree with 100%! That’s actually interesting and something we can learn from. Or just share the feeling of excitement!

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