if someone criticised Rube Goldberg i would simply flip a switch that activated a miniature train, pushing an egg into a series of tubes that lead to a wind-up car toy with a needle taped onto it, popping a nearby balloon which caused a small weight to fall on a button that starts a sowing machine which pulls on the fabric it's sowing, releasing seven small marbles that one by one fall into a bucket, weighing it down until the frying pan it's attached to falls from its shelf and bonks them on the head

@Gebeleizis Rube Goldberg is famous for the Rube Goldberg machines, those big complicated machines with lots of steps to perform a simple task

@em and here I was thinking that would be more complicated to explain

@dantheclamman you'll be waiting for a while, this thing takes forever to set up

@em Please wait right over here, I'm working on the rebuttal, just don't go anywhere.

@em I can't believe I've never seen this one. i love it


ah, a machine for planting fabric? very punk im into it.


sorry em i really love the thought you put into this hypothetical rube goldberg machine and the young me that stayed in the garage for hours and hours making rube goldberg machines thanks u.

@root thank you elle i'm happy people like it!


I'm glad whoopi goldenberg decided to grace us with the idea of them

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