hey new folks put some pronouns in your bio

@em addendum: don't if you don't feel comfortable with it for some reason ( whether personal feelings or not wanting to pick between misgendering and publicly outing yourself or whatever! )

that's super :100_valid:

( but "oh, ya know, they're default / obvious / whatever" definitely isn't that tho! 👍🙆👌 )

@bobby_newmark definitely! i have a longer post abt this that i boosted as well

@em hey em i started to put ‘he/him or they/them’ but then it occurred to me that i don’t see ‘they/them’ - are you aware of a (non-prescriptivist-grammar) reason for that, or is it more common than i think?

@crumbleneedy hmm i feel like i see plenty of people with they/them listed, it’s probably nothing to worry about!

@em this is the first thing I learned on Mastodon and I’m glad that I did. It made things easier.

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