stop arguing about which computer is the best or which OS is the best. all computers are the worst. dont use them

like "oh no my computer crashed!" ok what did you expect? it's a computer. it only wants to hurt you

this post sent from my Windows™️ Laptop™️ Computer™️

@Aleums @em I agree, it's teaching so many white people how to dance

@em “All hardware sucks; all software sucks” was the official position of alt.sysadmin.recovery back in the old days. It saved a lot of arguments.


Look. The best way of dealing with hardware is to make logic circuits out of mudcrabs and send your toots with that

@em the easiest way to deal with a computer problem is a hammer.
can't have a computer problem without a computer.

@em the only good computer is mine bc it has thousands of dank memes on it

@em haha this is so true! except for the OS i use though, which is the best in the univers e

@em I agree, as someone who sells computers for a living, ban computers 2019. also ban gamers

@em "Sent from my pair of tin cans with string."

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