alright gang i googled "headache jokes" and i'm not sure what to say about this

they had two more headache jokes on that site but they were really long and i couldn't concentrate... on to the next joke site

so it turns out there's a pretty big migraine fandom on pinterest

@realtoddhoward ohhhhhhh i love to trick my wife so she has to have sex 🙃

@em @realtoddhoward "i have a headache" is a way to get out of sex so hes saying "haha now you have no excuse so roll over and let me inside you"

@em Headache comedians were the world’s first incels

@3_3van i'm an incel for headache pills right now, not gonna lie

@em ??????? Was this like that when you found it???

@dayglochainsaw yes!!! it's like someone drew this cartoon and then someone else saw it and was like nah they need hats

@em the hats were drawn in after so that the comic could be syndicated in the Victorian era.

@em im not sure what i should be more mad about, that this joke was ever relevant or that its still relevant enough that i get it

@em i think the 'joke' is that women turn down men for sex by saying "i have a headache" and so he's closing that avenue off to her

the fact that this is a common enough thing that the reader is supposed to just *understand* it is fucking wild

@em i wonder how tight the timeframe is for the wife to have forgotten about what she told her husband

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