I'm a bitch
I'm a lover
I'm a child
I'm a glover

@em this game was more of my childhood than I'd like to admit. Heh

@riftrune ha i don't think i've actually played it! i can picture exactly what it looks like though, somehow

@em looking back, it was not that great. It was clearly just cashing in on the Mascot Platformer craze of the 90s. Still nostalgic though. :blobwizard:

@em developers made Glover a four-fingered glove to eliminate his enormous middle finger penis in a stunning act of cowardice

@em i remember seeing this game at every store as a kid and when i finally played it for the first time as an adult it was so bad

@picklemaddierix i've never played it but i think i watched a letsplay? or something? cause i can picture exactly what it looks like

@em i read the last line as Donald Glover for some reason and now I want that in my life now

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