these two are the embodiment of "be gay do crimes"

@em remember when i posted this and someone decided to argue against it lmao

@em being gay and doing crimes doesn't pay off unless your kink is roleplaying as Icarus

@em They are Be Crimes Do Gay, because OMG, they REALLY are GAY as DAY and do CRIMES with RIMES

@em james and jessie are literally the greatest beause they also say fuck gender norms and wear whatever they please

@em these two introduced all the young queers to the concept of wlw / mlm solidarity. truly iconic

1. crossdressing is a VERY Japanese thing, and considered more-or-less normal.

2. Episode "The Treasure Is All Mine!" reveals he has a fiancée.

3. He is flamboyant and emotional, but that in and of itself != indication of sexuality

4. It's a kids show. Kids shows do not deal with sexuality in that manner, even in Japan.

5. The manga straight up tells you he is hetero.

@em I should indicate that I'm talking about James specifically, but some of these apply to Jessie

@matt no actually there aren't any straight people in the pokemon universe. sorry you had to find out this way

They also treat Meowth as an equal rather than a slave contra to how basically everyone else in the Pokéverse treat their pokémon 😻

@em It isn't every day you get to witness a perfect toot, but this definitely is one.

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