Interloping Goon

these two are the embodiment of "be gay do crimes"

@em being gay and doing crimes doesn't pay off unless your kink is roleplaying as Icarus

@em They are Be Crimes Do Gay, because OMG, they REALLY are GAY as DAY and do CRIMES with RIMES

@em How much hairspray does Jessie go through every week to maintain that style? And is there any relation between the advent of Pokemon the anime and the decline of hair metal?

@em james and jessie are literally the greatest beause they also say fuck gender norms and wear whatever they please

@em these two introduced all the young queers to the concept of wlw / mlm solidarity. truly iconic

1. crossdressing is a VERY Japanese thing, and considered more-or-less normal.

2. Episode "The Treasure Is All Mine!" reveals he has a fiancée.

3. He is flamboyant and emotional, but that in and of itself != indication of sexuality

4. It's a kids show. Kids shows do not deal with sexuality in that manner, even in Japan.

5. The manga straight up tells you he is hetero.

@em I should indicate that I'm talking about James specifically, but some of these apply to Jessie

@matt no actually there aren't any straight people in the pokemon universe. sorry you had to find out this way

They also treat Meowth as an equal rather than a slave contra to how basically everyone else in the Pokéverse treat their pokémon 😻

@em It isn't every day you get to witness a perfect toot, but this definitely is one.

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