if you're sinking a millionaire's yacht, make sure the millionaire is on it first

@em But what if you ARE the millionare? 🤔

@kandyelmo if i'm ever a millionaire, please go ahead and drown me

@em i mean, if you're ok with it, then alright...

@em it's also worth reminding them that a captain has to go down with their ship. It's maritime law, it is 👨‍⚖️

@cronjager @em Fun(?) fact I learned while working around people who own yachts: they hire other people to be the captains.

No. Really.

@SuzanEraslan @em buuh! I'm not here for this. What's even the point of owning a yacht if you don't get to be a captain???

@cronjager @em Yeah, when I learned this, I was so far along in realizing these people owned so many things they had to hire someone else to use (dishwashers, washers and driers, fancy computers and stereo systems, etc.), that I guess it didn't infuriate me, but time and distance makes me equally angry. I would absolutely captain my own boat!

@SuzanEraslan @em
Let us doff the shackles of oppression and become captains of our own fate (and of our own boat) ✊ ⛵

@cronjager So here for yacht-socialism. Let's get everyone on a boat! New Golden Age of Piracy!

@cronjager @SuzanEraslan Arr! I can get on board for this! I even have a slight suspicion as to how to sail a boat!

@Qwyrdo @cronjager My partner is already a socialist, knows basic sailing, and is a stage hand (so he's got all the knots down), and we watched all of Black Sails, so... how hard can it be?

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