:heart_bi: boost to join the bi alliance :heart_bi:

this was my first post to make it Big on here... i had it pinned on my profile for a while too

@em do i have to be bi to join? or can i just be supportive

@NuclearTess you're all welcome here, bi alliance supports the gays

@thetruegoat10 oh i bet someone's made a bi jacket, that would be rad...

@em idk if this is real or symbolic but either way i'm in :heart_bi:

@em Do we get, like...a uniform or something? 😆

@roadriverrail cuffed jeans and tucked in shirts is the uniform!!

@em I dunno...not a great look on me. The cuffed jeans are a go, but tucked-in t-shirts aren't a good look if you're built like a fireplug.

@roadriverrail that's valid, the uniform is totally optional!!

@em Oh, cool. We're one of those laid back alliances. I'll be over here out of uniform then.

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