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hi i'm Em and i'm nonbinary and i make games and write stuff and uhhhh that's that :blobuwu:

some of my stuff is at

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oh right, add me on Switch! i just got Splatoon 2 and i'm probably getting smash when it comes out!

my code is SW-6462-1847-8109

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why do you all like this, it is bad content. i don't understand

4th dimensional beings gotta be like "lol they called it a glome"

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do not talk to me about "stats" and "raids" i only care about Y'shtola

this is like a two hour long unskippable cutscene

how to ban yourself from playing ff14 for like two hours

tfw when you accidentally join a game of mahjong in ff14

“im inventing a new guitar for try hards” -antionio stradivari

is shinji’s last name a reference to the russian sci-fi classic Ikarie XB-1? One Enby Thinks So, And They’ll Stop At Nothing To Prove It’s True

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petition to remake breaking bad without the drugs. because they are illegal

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