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hi i'm Em and i'm nonbinary and i make games and write stuff and uhhhh that's that :blobuwu:

some of my stuff is at

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oh right, add me on Switch! i just got Splatoon 2 and i'm probably getting smash when it comes out!

my code is SW-6462-1847-8109

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why do you all like this, it is bad content. i don't understand

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@em *shrieking like a schoolmarm as the music swells and i am drowned out, hooting with impotent teachers rage as the kids clap and cry their eyes out*

oh also i thought 3 hours sounded long even for a directors cut, but apparently that's only 20 minutes longer than the theatrical...

so honestly if you're gonna put that much time into it anyway, i'd say go with the dir cut. there's at least one good extra scene in there

watch out everyone i'm going doggo mode

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every time i watch Amadeus i expect to have fun watching mozart and salieri be terrible, but i always end up just feeling terrible for mozart's wife

if youre baby and you know it clap your hands

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@em John carpenter wanted to make an anthology after the sequel. He should've explored them instead of letting them make Halloween 3.

remember at the beginning of Halloween that not just michael but *dozens* of people had escaped from the facility, and then they just never address that again?

sending porn to my UK friends as a joke and accidentally putting them in prison for life

dear fbi agent reading my posts: this one’s just a joke for comedy and it is not serious, i promise you Show more

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@em Bully from a 90’s teen comedy voice “What’s up, dick nuts”

(it is definitely ok, and also i don’t know why either one of them cares so much)

i’m in the cinema waiting for a movie and two old ladies who clearly don’t know each other are arguing over whether it’s ok to move to a different seat than the one on your ticket if it’s empty

introducing Dick Nuts: the truck nuts you can wear on your dick

i love wearing glittery eyeshadow cause there’s this twinkling going on in my peripheral vision when i go outside

jfc the directors cut on this movie is three hours for some reason

good morning i'm watching amadeus and painting my nails purple

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