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hi i'm Em and i'm nonbinary and i make games and write stuff and uhhhh that's that :blobuwu:

some of my stuff is at

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oh right, add me on Switch! i just got Splatoon 2 and i'm probably getting smash when it comes out!

my code is SW-6462-1847-8109

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why do you all like this, it is bad content. i don't understand

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Uh oh sisters!! *throws myself down a flight of stairs*

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lmao my twitter analytics are so fucked up right now

too mad about veggietales so imma go to bed seeya

so i just moved and i'm very excited to find out
1. do jehovah's witnesses come to this place too?
2. will i get the same jehovaguy as before?
3. if not, will i be visited by a man or a vegetable?

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[extremely youth pastor voice] now i know you kids don't wanna eat your veggies, but let me tell you about the original veggie: his name was jesus,

imagining the cain tomato smashing his brother into ketchup

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em figuring out that veggie tales is a christian thing is the funniest shit on the fedi today

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International news, absolutely one of the most dystopic nonfiction sentences I have ever read Show more

steve wakes up with a groan. his whole body is aching, he's tied to an uncomfortable chair with thick rough ropes. his eyes slowly adjust to the low light of the room as a canine shape appears by the door.

"hello steve... it's time to pay blue's dues."

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thinking about this actual image from an old fansub and how more fansubs should just put communism into them so people are forced to see it

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The only comment that's acceptable to leave on a woman's selfie is "Wowowowow! *eyes pop out of head like I'm a cartoon* Me likey!"

what if we kissed just in general 😳

thought about Fire Emblem: bang your students edition again and got mad

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wait wait fuckin wait a second so you're a teacher in the next fire emblem right? and the units are your students? so knowing the fire emblem series, you'll definitely get to pick a student to date huh

Crazy Frog caused a deep wound in the frogs fandom that still hasn't fully healed

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