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hi i'm Em and i'm nonbinary and i make games and write stuff and uhhhh that's that :blobuwu:

some of my stuff is at

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oh right, add me on Switch! i just got Splatoon 2 and i'm probably getting smash when it comes out!

my code is SW-6462-1847-8109

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why do you all like this, it is bad content. i don't understand

only open if you would like a kiss Show more

look i'm not an expert, but i bet she's probably in San Diego

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Alright before I let y'all go on with your days did anyone forget to take their meds? Did you drink enough water? Have a meal? OK if that's all good you may resume your scroll

every time one of my toots breaks 100 faves, i print it out and put it in a little box. once i destroy mastodon this will be all that's left

i'm so excited for show and tell tomorrow!

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I've decided that tomorrow is show and tell day on this website. Please be ready with something to show the whole class, spread the message around

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getting absolutely hype for a night of vodka and volume 10 angry girl country by playing a god damn dragon game and vaping like a villain

oh right today it’s one week until my first gic appointment ✨

a dad but he plays nightcore on long car trips

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i should have posted this yesterday but uh check out my romantic games if you're still in the valentines mood (one is historic fiction, one sci-fi)

guy reading the cask of amontillado in his room and yelling "Don't go down there!!" like he's at a horror movie

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some guy wearing a leather jacket with slicked back hair and shades up in a tree stand with fuzzy dice hanging down from it

it's finally getting warmer out and i'm so so happy!! took a walk and ended up being out for over two hours

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David: *plays a secret chord*
The Lord: “Damn son where’d you find this?”

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‪My dad always talks about how brand loyalty is silly, but he also got Actually Mad watching GotG2 when Chris Pratt got a Zune instead of an iPod so idk‬

crashing into the free marketplace of ideas on my tricked out bike and knocking over a dozen logic bros

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