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corporate software 

how do corporations justify paying money for things like MS Teams when it *barely* works in the best of times

I just tried to sign into an account to just grab one file, and it took over half an hour

currently enjoying camp ground wifi at a staggering 200kbps

Do you know that awful website thing where they highjack your scrolling to make it stop at certain points? Good news, now you can do that with CSS:

knowing how to type the words that make computers do things does not make you a genius

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Every programmer is convinced they are also engineers, architects, physicists, and economists

Exponential backslash escaping and other fun string processing tasks

inventing a time machine to travel back to the 1980s on a desperate mission to prevent Perl from happening

Why wouldn't a train break down in the single choke point of a major city (Hamburg Dammtor)

I will watch literally anything that does scifi without superheroes at this point

There's someone on this train who wears their mask below their nose and is coughing *constantly*

Does someone know a trustworthy firefox extension that does -> nitter redirects? I don't have an account and I am getting incredibly annoyed by how it doesn't show anything without login anymore

remember to push your commits

brought to you by: rm -rf the_wrong_directory

There's a graffiti on this noise wall that just says "Your mom is Jim Carrey"

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