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Really good battery life and I don't have constant anxiety about a loose earbud falling out an losing it

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I recently got myself wireless headphones and I don't get why the "necklace" form factor isn't more popular

type of person that very carefully disinfects the armrests of their train seat but then immediately takes their mask off

horoscope but instead of star sign it goes by blood type

elomatreb :trainpats: relayed

New liminal space: S-Bahn train when you're the only passenger

supreme court declares opinions unconstitutional

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microsoft office 

I don't understand how companies pay so much money for this shit

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microsoft office 

this software is impossible to use

- It just flat out refuses to turn on automatic saves without telling me why
- Word can open documents from my onedrive account, powerpoint can't
- I want to change the spell check language and it just Does Not Work (it's set to English but still checks for German words)

I love when I post a question about a problem I can't solve and immediately after submitting the question I realize the extremely obvious solution

Tausche 0,5l Blut gegen Grillzange und belegtes Brötchen

Tram EM but instead of trams with really good brakes you have to do precision stops with 1800 tons of freight train

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I get to actually do my job tomorrow again (instead of trade school)

Konzept: Regionalexpress mit Schlafwagen

please direct your attention towards these cluckers

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