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constructing XML with string templating feels very dirty

This train is too full

Some joker cruise ship company also put all their passengers on it

Apparently there was a cable fire in the literal single point of failure for passenger trains in Hamburg

I want my ISP to offer IPv6 (not because of any technical reason but because the addresses look cooler)

Die ist eine der überflüssigsten Websitefunktionen der Geschichte

Spent half an hour writing something in MS Word, saved it to the cloud, exited Word, found out it didn't actually save and the document is gone

UI design patterns 

Gestures in UIs are power user functionality, on the same level as keyboard shortcuts

you wouldn't make an app that relies exclusively on keyboard shortcuts

commuting in a city with a functional light rail system will always feel really cool

If a computer refuses to do something you asked it to do it should be legally required to tell you exactly why

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operating systems rant 

people say desktop linux is unusable but will put up with this shit on a phone because it says Google on it

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I could call the helpdesk but all I could tell them is "it doesn't work"

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Brought to you by: My work tablet that's been stuck on an MS Office "Configuring Office" screen since Friday

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The worst crime mobile operating systems have inflicted upon us is establishing endless spinner screens with absolutely no error information when something goes wrong as normal

Every time the cockatoo departs, it does this funny backwards dive off the ledge.

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