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coming across 1024 bit DSA keys generated in 2009 in 2022

When someone posts your private information on the internet and you're also a train

web dev accessibility pro tip: do not *ever* do `font-weight: 100;`

also it's weird to pass a gas station on your way to work looking at their price sign and then move a whole train load of diesel

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I rode my bicycle to work today (but not back because it immediately broke (of course))

linux security 

untrusted media parsing deserves basically the same level of sandboxing/paranoia as running web content

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linux security 

how is it OK for my file manager to run an unsandboxed gstreamer process on untrusted files


> The parameters `position` and `n_removals` must be correct

documentation is my passion

The word "queue" reaches semantic satiation extremely quickly

nonsense, phillip k. dick 

haha he said dick

elomatreb :trainpats: relayed

I love finding colored maps on Wikipedia where the creator must have been going for the lowest possible contrast

Webp is like 10 years old by now why is OS support still so bad

Work can be fun if you get to operate heavy machinery (1900t train)

that you have to double-escape things in rsync paths is super annoying

90s computer programmers stop designing event systems challenge

Die Briefwahlumschläge für die Landtagswahl sind selbstklebend und nicht mehr zum anlecken

was für ein Luxus

had a very physically exhausting but satisfying day of work

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