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Imagine making a mobile phone operating system that doesn't hate the user with a burning passion

If I was planning the trains I would simply not make them late

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Flügeln ist so ein Mist betrieblich, schön doppelt Chance auf Verspätung/Störung

Bandcamp add a volume slider to album pages challenge

A7 in 4-gleisige Eisenbahntrasse umbauen jetzt

First lesson and the teacher doesn't even show up, just leaves 10 pages of worksheet

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Favorite ones in Hamburg so far:

- Elbbrücken (S/U)
- Hammerbrook (S)
- Jungfernstieg (U)

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looking at pictures of pretty train/subway stations

oh apparently git can do this, it's just not really intuitive

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version control system feature wish: Ability to unify separate repositories into one, without losing the histories of files in either one

elomatreb :trainpats: relayed

Me at work: I have never seen this box before, what’s in it?

*opens box*

Ah, a single large chip labeled “lucifer”. It’s 2020, what could possibly go wrong.


what even is the point of direct mandates

car stuff, not entirely serious 

1. turn onto highway, behind truck
2. check side mirror to see if middle lane is free for overtaking
3. enable left turn signal and get ready to overtake
4. one final side mirror check
5. surprise Danish sportscar at 300km/h

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