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(not really wondering, same as with voice interfaces it helps the audience follow the scene)

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wondering about scifi TV set designers obsession with transparent screens

github really does not make it obvious when someone opens a PR against one of your repos

after having finished their careers as epidemiologists, virologists, firefighters for wildfires, and hydraulic engineers or meteorologists for flood prevention, lots of people are now discovering they are international diplomats as well as army generals

music which might contain "drums" and/or "bass", not necessarily in that order

Car stuff 

Perfectly maneuvering a large transporter car into a very tiny courtyard/parking space is irrationally satisfying

UI design law: If you have a table with user-provided data, you must both make the columns resizable and provide a button that automatically resizes the columns to fit the contents


Rust Generic Associated Types stabilizing soon 👀 :rust_ferris_happy:

I also recently found out that the music teacher of my sister is the frontman for a local band that was a one-hit wonder in the 1990s with a song about canned beer

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lmao there is a recording of the east german national anthem among these files

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while going through these files I remembered I had a bunch of scans of my drawings of weird spaceships I made during school instead of listening but I think I lost that folder :(

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14 year old me was injecting trombones directly into their brain

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website annoyance 

the combination of "login system that invalidates sessions when the IP address changes" and "login system that sends an email for every new login" is extremely annoying

listening to music I was very into when I was like 14

very mixed impressions

programming languages 

cursed blue gopher google language

I managed to lose the single USB-C cable I own and now I can't charge my phone

in semi-related news, being a big spaceship sounds nice

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