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electron app annoyance: when discord is maximised on windows you can't drag it out of maximization by its titlebar, you first have to manually click the maximize button again

the monopoly of microsoft office makes me wish we still had antitrust enforcement

video game bugs 

thinking about the time when you could step onto pigeons and be carried out of the map in counter strike

Video stream live chats: Awful comment sections but now in real time!

elomatreb :trainpats: relayed

I just navigated my browser to youtube and it showed me a youtube page claiming I was not connected to the internet 🤔

update: you can by:

1. Creating a dummy user and adding into the group
2. Removing all other members from the group
3. Deleting that dummy user

love software

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lol you can't delete contact groups in nextcloud

Enterprise Cloud Software™

> Please wait 634 minutes for test to complete.

(again) becoming the type of person that plays video games until 4 AM

might write some magic words in a structured language to instruct a computer to perform certain operations

computer security snark 

how to become an Infosec Expert:

1. Tell people to use Signal, 2FA, and not to roll their own crypto over and over again even without listening to them
2. Congratulations, you are now an Infosec Expert and should immediately start writing Thought Leader Medium Posts

There seems to be one very dedicated editor of the English Wikipedia who makes sure the "Did you know" box includes one random factoid related to obscure US radio stations every day

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