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my brother, the absolute genius, was just standing in his unventilated garage and cleaning a fuel filter with compressed air, creating a visible fog of finely dispersed gasoline particles around him (with a soldering iron running on the bench)

my tagging software downloaded a 65MB cover art file for an album and it's making my media player really slow

> The Onion Futures Act is a United States law banning the trading of futures contracts on onions as well as "motion picture box office receipts".


thinking about how different cities feel when walking around

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design hot take 

pff actual corners in your design are sooo 2019, this year it's all about rounded corners. see you again in 1-2 years when we introduce our next revolutionary design that has corners again

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design hot take 

teams with no Professional Designers™ on them: crappy UI

teams with too many Professional Designers™ on them: Completely arbitrary design changes in regular intervals to keep up with the latest Trends with no regards for users

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they also deprecated the "compact" UI density

*designer voice* what do you mean people use our software on screens smaller than the side of a bus

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what is going on here, this looks like they stopped designing halway through

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what the heck did they do with the firefox 89 redesign

the broccoli defender has entered the chat

train safety device has three buttons and a strongly limited number of ways to press them but it's still giving me trouble

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Do CRCs actually do anything except generate fancy loop oneliners with significantly too high XOR density

corporate humor but it's actually somewhat funny 

my employer posted this on twitter

Might send blobs of JSON to hundreds of servers to make a post appear on a timeline

trains vs. cars re: safety systems 

Imagine if your car automatically did an emergency brake every time you did not acknowledge a yellow light or failed to slow to a safe braking speed within 2 seconds

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train-related stuff 

completed my first simulator drive on time and without any emergency brakes, just forgot the minor detail of actually opening my doors at the stations

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