@eichkat3r bin mir fast sicher dass ebay das schon von sich aus kann, als gespeicherte Suchen

There's still Bundesbahn logos on the mirrors in this ICE 1

if you die on a train you die in real life

update: I was listening on port 433 instead of 443 :blobfacepalm:

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my nextcloud is not working on IPv6 but it does on v4 and I cannot figure out why

elomatreb :trainpats: relayed

SAURON: you can now be killed... by no man.
THE WITCH KING OF ANGMAR: Great! Thanks so much. Ive got absolutely no questions about this and i cant foresee having any problems with it

@kepstin but I already have the helper application installed, I'm using it to download the "800MB driver update"

how is a graphics driver update almost a gigabyte of download


Faced with the choice between arriving half an hour late or arriving on time but having to spend three quarters of an hour in an overfilled train with drunk football idiots

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Direct high speed rail links between major cities separate from low speed/cargo now

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