The worst crime mobile operating systems have inflicted upon us is establishing endless spinner screens with absolutely no error information when something goes wrong as normal

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Brought to you by: My work tablet that's been stuck on an MS Office "Configuring Office" screen since Friday

I could call the helpdesk but all I could tell them is "it doesn't work"

operating systems rant 

people say desktop linux is unusable but will put up with this shit on a phone because it says Google on it

If a computer refuses to do something you asked it to do it should be legally required to tell you exactly why

re: operating systems rant 

@elomatreb I've figured out what an app was missing using its logs before, if you know how to use adb this app could actually help you out

re: operating systems rant 

@elomatreb that said, if it's a work device adb is probably locked

re: operating systems rant 

@noiob yeah it's really locked down (I can only install approved apps)

@elomatreb "ooopsiee UwU somethwings not wowking"

I would rather have an error code with 0 results on a seach engine. At least i can hope for a search result in the future.

My problem with mobile operating systems or mobile phones in general is how locked down they are. Be it Bootloader or safetynet, the idea that we allow manufacturers to basically hold our hardware hostage so they can neglect it is absolutely awful.

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