Why do they even put 1st class sections into regional trains

Waste of space, nobody ever buys those tickets


Currently sitting in the stairwell of an overcrowded regional train (very dangerous during crashes or emergency braking) with entirely empty first class section next to me


At least this train has functional wifi that works even in areas where the regular mobile internet drops out

@elomatreb@cybre.space maybe it's like how the sncf is mismanaged because they keep on putting ex-airline managers in there so you get stuff like ouigo (basically a lowcost airline but for the tgv)

@lucidiot I don't mind 1st class for long distance travel, but this is a regional train that takes like an hour from start to destination

@elomatreb@cybre.space yeah we don't have those for regional trains, only on TGVs and intercités (long distance non-regional trains, less common)

@lucidiot They use the same cars for the equivalent of that latter train here as they do for the regional ones, just painted differently, that's probably the best reason 🤷

@elomatreb@cybre.space oh right we had some regional trains that have a clear division between two classes but the tickets all just say "class 1&2" and we just sit anywhere

@lucidiot historically there were three seat classes in German trains, with the cheapest class having wooden benches instead of seats

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