computer hardware shortages 

I knew there was a GPU shortage but apparently people are also buying up all the CPUs with integrated graphics??

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computer hardware shortages 

@elomatreb well, assume you can‘t get a GPU, what’s the next best option? A CPU with graphics, that you can use until GPU prices come down

also there really is more generally a silicon shortage, as in there is only so much production capacity for chips

It’s expected to recover a little since china banned bitcoin, at least

computer hardware shortages 

@halcy yeah that was my idea as well, computer of relatives died and I wanted to buy an integrated GPU AMD processor and all the prices for those doubled last year

but I would have expected them not to rise that quickly because they're interesting neither for miners nor gamers and there should be plenty of stock for OEMs

computer hardware shortages 

@elomatreb @halcy this is mostly a problem with how AMD has prioritized production within their limited capacity :/

Their highest margin sales for consumers are generally the CPUs without integrated graphics and discrete graphics cards, so they've been making as many of those as possible. (the same CPU chiplets are also used in server CPUs.) The APUs have been going almost exclusively to OEMs in prebuilt systems, so they make just enough to cover those.

computer hardware shortages 

@elomatreb @halcy an interesting thing about this is that rumors suggest that the AMD chip that's in the Steam Deck was actually supposed to be launched earlier, but was delayed due to lack of available production capacity.

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