why is apple like that

I just want to transfer a file off an ipad and it's making this so difficult


how do I get a 2GB movie file off an ipad without pulling my hair out

I've tried:

- uploading to cloud storage (doesn't work because the upload always aborts halfway through)
- local network SMB (doesn't work because it refuses to create files for some unknowable reason)

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is there like a self-hostable version of Firefox Send I can try

did I ever mention how I hate computers and I am so glad not to have to work with them for living

turns out the problem was that it aborted uploads if the screen turned off so the solution was me sitting in front of a progressbar for half an hour booping the screen every two minutes like a caveman

Technology is my passion

@elomatreb nextcloud iOS app? (self-host via yunohost)

also if you can support it, AFP may be more apple-friendly than SMB

@elomatreb If it's an actual file and not in a like the movies app, you should be able to use USB, either through iTunes or gvfs+afc/libimobiledevice

@impiaaa This has gotten me pretty close but all the help articles mention buttons that aren't there and being able to right click files when that does nothing :/

@amaral i mean it's a bit of a lie, even modern trains get filled with desktop-OS-powered control systems that break for completely arbitrary reasons

@elomatreb Or they don't.

I mean, I hate computers and I have to work with them for a living.

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