listening to music (and by music I mean the variable frequency drive of a locomotive:

I really love how you can hear the drivers get out of sync due to wheel slip in this one


sadly the next version of this locomotive uses a sliding drive frequency instead of the steps so it doesn't sound as cool anymore :(

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@elomatreb Wow- that’s really musical 😁

Our units don’t have steps and have in-built WSP (Wheel Slip Protection) so they handle very well in slippery conditions. The worst we get is some juddering and the sander light illuminating.

@alan these have a WSP-like system too, you only notice it here because it's very heavily loaded (probably >2000t)

@elomatreb I don’t know how much our units weigh when we’re running at full capacity, but an unladen 12 car (FLU) weighs around 400t

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