on the one hand I think sharing music is really cool but on the other hand I'd sink into the ground before revealing my listening habits to anyone else

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@elomatreb there's no shame in not scrobblin. there's no shame in turning the scrobblin on and off. scrobblin should be all about comfort and consent.

@djsundog I think I would like a site that tracked listens and built recommendations and statistics from them but didn't have a public profile for me as an individual user

@djsundog I haven't actually checked if it is in like a decade, but the impression I get from is that of a site on life support that can be turned off at any time :/

@elomatreb yeah, and has flatlined a few times over the last five years. you could self-host something but you lose the one feature that you want - the aggregations.

@djsundog the musicbrainz people have a project for this as well (listenbrainz), but due to its origins as an open-data project all the submissions are public :(

@elomatreb it'd be cool if there was a public time series datastore of some sort that people could choose to add data to, as anonymously as they chose

@elomatreb like, any time series data, but people all submitting to the same "tag" would create a queryable anonymized dataset for things like rec engines, maybe.

@djsundog what if we used blockch... *is dragged off stage*

@djsundog @elomatreb yeah, and the musicbrainz project for example is explicitly designed only for public data, more or less an open replacement for (with a side goal of using aggregate data for developing recommendation engines). There's no provision for private listening profiles (or private listens) in there.

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