applications that insist on storing their configs/cache/history files directly in the home directory rather than ~/.config/~/.cache :blobglare:

archiving obscure hand-written HTML websites about topics literally 5 people care about

my absolute movie guilty pleasure are chase scenes

no matter how trash the rest of a movie is, if it has good chase scenes (in a car, on a bike, on foot, etc) I will enjoy it

55MB HTML files and other things browsers were not made for

You don't have worry about capitalization in your file names! Super user friendly! Except when you do want to change the capitalization in the filename everything starts breaking

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case insensitive file systems are so annoying

nothing annoys me more than those faking loading bars you find in webapps that don't actually correspond to anything

it's like timetravel episodes but even less constraints on what you can Make Happen For No Reason™

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petition to ban TV scifi writers from doing multiverse episodes

incredible how free media formats (Matroska, Ogg) are just so much better than anything developed by the corporations

sadly the next version of this locomotive uses a sliding drive frequency instead of the steps so it doesn't sound as cool anymore :(

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I really love how you can hear the drivers get out of sync due to wheel slip in this one

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listening to music (and by music I mean the variable frequency drive of a locomotive:

thinking about my German teacher (who was a really cool person in retrospect, but student me didn't appreciate that)

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