there also was a lot of parsley next to the tomatoes but it all got mildew :(

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also the tomatoes are *really* happy with the weather this year, I had to add additional supports to most of the plants to stop them from collapsing under their own weight

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just picked your average 1.5kg cucumber

programming-slash-German joke 

return EINVAL; // Return a whale

computer hardware shortages 

I knew there was a GPU shortage but apparently people are also buying up all the CPUs with integrated graphics??


Now to compare this with moderna

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video games 

the endgame crisis spawned in a fallen empire system and they instakilled it :(

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medical but it's mainly a shitpost 

this is the main article image on the Wikipedia article on Alzheimers and it looks like a shitpost

video games 

îmagine being paradox and not completely redesigning the game economy every two releases

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going to make some numbers go up (play stellaris)

what if the WWW but with

1. decentralized content addressing
2. significantly richer linking than HTML
3. user-agents with (WYSIWYG?) editing capabilities as standard
4. standardized features that allow rich media like videos without requiring a full-blown scripting language

New UI design law: If you ellipsize text where it doesn't fit into a field or element, you are required to give it a tooltip containing the full text

ransomwaring the united nations to force them to recognize my micronation

I would love to know how German ended up calling mobiles phones an English-sounding word that isn't actually used in that sense in English

gender reveal party (launch event for a new gender)

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