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ha cha cha cha *tap dances onto your screen* ha cha cha ha cha cha cha cha 🎩 🪄 *raises my top hat, bops you with my magic wand*

white people do not think about their privilege enough and it shows


Lore relayed

uspol, the trans experience 

Lore relayed

as the polls close like a casket
on truth devoured, silent play on the shadow of power
a spectacle, monopolized
the camera's eyes on choice disguised
was it cast for the mass who burn and toil?
or for the vultures who thirst for blood and oil?

Lore relayed
Lore relayed


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a little bit of weed mixed with some sentiment


420 question 

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magritte: this is not a pipe

me, trying to stuff loose tobacco in the bowl: you're fucken a right bud

espero que tengan un buen día de muertos 💕🌼💀🌼💕

stressed out about graduation 

a couple days late but here are the jack-o-lanterns me and the partner carved, featuring the teapot hat from an old greg over the garden wall cosplay i made a few years ago


addendum to intro 

💀 ¡feliz día de muertos! 💀

reviews thus far:
"honestly so beautiful i kind of want to cry"
"definitely captures the minecraft feel"
-also khel
"very ultimate"

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