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addendum to intro 

trying Lore (he/him) for now!

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armor selfie, eye contact 

i got myself some leather armor as a birthday gift to me and now i am entirely too sexy

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Hey y'all!
I'm El (they/them) and I'm new 'round these parts, just wanted to put a little intro post to put myself out there! I'm into , , and , and I also make . I study game design at university and most develop in and . I've worked on many indie games in my time (check out Spell Sigil and Space Merchant on the google play store) and teach game scripting at my school.

Here on Mastodon mainly to talk shop and make new friends, so please say hi if you feel so inclined! (Boosts appreciated)

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bon voyage, and thank you @chr and @nightpool for the good times :black_sparkles_outline: it's sad to see the instance go gentle into that good night, but it was great while it lasted ^-^

in other news, i am moving to my own instance at @lore
right now it's just me over there but the hope is to have some friends join up in the future.

i will set up an official redirect and export all my stuff soon, but i wanted to send out a slightly more personal goodbye first. see y'all on the other side!

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no, you know what, fuck you in-touches your out of touch thursday

ha cha cha cha *tap dances onto your screen* ha cha cha ha cha cha cha cha 🎩 πŸͺ„ *raises my top hat, bops you with my magic wand*

white people do not think about their privilege enough and it shows

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uspol, the trans experience 

oklahoma voted a nonbinary person of colour into the state house and I feel,, like,, happy.

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as the polls close like a casket
on truth devoured, silent play on the shadow of power
a spectacle, monopolized
the camera's eyes on choice disguised
was it cast for the mass who burn and toil?
or for the vultures who thirst for blood and oil?

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espero que tengan un buen dΓ­a de muertos πŸ’•πŸŒΌπŸ’€πŸŒΌπŸ’•

a couple days late but here are the jack-o-lanterns me and the partner carved, featuring the teapot hat from an old greg over the garden wall cosplay i made a few years ago


psych meds taken πŸ’•

addendum to intro 

trying Lore (he/him) for now!

πŸ’€ Β‘feliz dΓ­a de muertos! πŸ’€

reviews thus far:
"honestly so beautiful i kind of want to cry"
"definitely captures the minecraft feel"
-also khel
"very ultimate"

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working on a mod rn that adds hill country biome to minecraft, im in charge of the music & sound and so last night i decided to try recording a track with live acoustic guitar to really capture that "cowboy" feel and it came out good!

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mirror selfie, cat 

it’s witch hat tuesday

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rise and shine trans ppl and enbies! ​:heart_sparkles_trans:​​:heart_sparkles_nonbinary:​​:heart_sparkles_trans:​​:heart_sparkles_nonbinary:​ everyone else gm i guess

partner just found a whole entire palm tree in the dumpster outside my apartment? like a living, thriving potted palm tree? i'm adopting this one for sure

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