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on my beautiful rural-ish commute home there was this huge gorgeous moon against a perfectly clear sky and my garbage depresso brain's first thought was "ugh what a fake-ass moon"

it was the real fucking moon

this is extremely timely and cutting-edge thank you for noticing

@garfiald is this your scalding gender take which i am currently trying to find

body mod question 

spicy opinion, re: twitter and fedi (feat. politics) 

People out here talking about bad Christmas songs and nobody has mentioned Christmas Shoes, probably the worst song of all time

people who start arguments by saying "i'm afraid--" same. i'm afraid too. let's hold hands. no need to finish your sentence

d&d group, in case any of you decided to suddenly join mastodon and follow me in secret, don't read this 

nothing better to do today so i'm gonna transition right from into catching up with the baby yoda show

RIP Carrie Fisher

drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra

"as long as there's light we got a chance" seems a little on the nose but okay

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