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hey hey it's an updated

i'm ebeth, i'm a living in southeast michigan. i love all types of / including and / (incl )

i have a few things which i always CW ( and along with your regular ol' and ).

i have a and am learning . i'm also into , especially and

i read mostly and have been getting back into

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(don't look at my history of bad toots you are only authorized to read the good ones thank you for your understanding)

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health stuff 

mike bloomberg looks and sounds like a guy who is angry at you for parking in "his spot" at a public shopping centre

so what's up with birds? anyone know anything about em?

thinking about the time someone on tumblr made a post that was like "hormones should be free, cis people get theirs for free" and some jackass responded "no bc by that logic I should get ssris for free bc I have depression"

yes??? obviously?? capitalism is a brain poison

Oh snap. The US Men’s National Team basically called US Soccer liars and came out hard in support of the Women’s National Team’s fight for pay equality.

i bet it works for toots too, just add "in MILF CITY <3" to the end of whatever you were planning to post and watch the boosts roll in

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pirate radio is bullshit, haven't heard a single sea shanty yet

Hey so sales are kinda bad this month, at this rate I won't be able to pay my bills (like rent, or food for the creature I accidentally summoned)
If you like my art and want to help you can either:
- check out my shop
- toss me a coin
- just boost this
Thanks a lot!

#mastoArt #CreativeToots

"I ain't about to be non-violent, honey! Oh, no!"

Nina Simone was a bad ass and everyone needed to know it.

You still need to know it.

Worst video game ever:

Finding the right zoom level on Google Maps that will actually show the damn street name.

someone: the father the son and the holy spirit
me, nodding sagely: ah yes, the holycule

Hey RPG/horror/tarot folks! Mastadon's own @maenad has a Kickstarter going for a game called CLIMBING THE WITCH'S TOWER!

It hit its goal in its first 2 hours and there's plenty of time for you to hop onboard and unlock stretch goals... including the printing of an RPG scenario I wrote for Trophy Dark set in the Weird West! Wow!

Addendum: turns out the dinosaur accent completely obscures my British accent so Grandad earnestly asked me if I was French, when I said "oh we're both British but he's been studying", he clapped and said "it's good that you have him to translate for you, he does a good job! You should learn French too, he can teach you"

Anyway Bilingual Grandad and French Grandson are my new favourite customers and they were only here for half term.

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Folks for ten entire minutes I kept up the bit that I don't speak a word of French and the puppet is fluent. For ten entire minutes of Grandad looking like he was going to piss himself I kept interrupting this bilingual T-Rex's conversation with a small child so he could catch me up and/or translate my input for the kid. And the kid was young enough to believe us entirely.

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If your pronouns are sometimes or always "they", please fill in this short survey. :)

(It's short in terms of not many questions and they're quite easy with many checkboxes, and also short as in it closes on Sunday 23rd Feb 2020!)

#pronouns #nonbinary

hm I think I phrased this wrong. I guess what I meant is, how to upgrade scruffy unsightly gender neutral adolescent into sleek and spiffy full-grown gendervoid

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