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do i like playing games or do i just like buying bundles and organizing things? we may never know

anyway here's my revived spreadsheet of free games, anything with my name under "key holder" is up for grabs:

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hey hey it's an updated

i'm ebeth, i'm a living in southeast michigan. i love all types of / including and / (incl )

i have a few things which i always CW ( and along with your regular ol' and ).

i have a and am learning . i'm also into , especially and

i read mostly and have been getting back into

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(don't look at my history of bad toots you are only authorized to read the good ones thank you for your understanding)

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i'm sure i'll see most of you over there anyway because i love to follow people but cybre has been great! i'll miss the local TL and especially the masto95 theme, which is absolutely excellent

i'm not leaving for any particular reason other than it seems like i've been here a while. i just like to hop around and hopefully make some new friends!

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i'm moving!

i'm not using the account migration tool because i'd like to keep this as a backup account and also idk last time i moved i just did the import/export thing and it worked fine

but you can find me primarily at @ebeth now

and that's it!!! that's all my unplayed games that begin with A - L

i'm now allowed to buy new games and have a couple i've had my eye on, so i'll probably take a break from this and come up with a new stipulation for once i finish M - R

also gonna be using this milestone to shift over to so keep an eye out for those follow requests i guess

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this is a gorgeous soothing puzzle game - unfortunately the first thing i noticed was the mouse being *agonizingly* slow but once i was able to change my mouse settings i really enjoyed this game

it's got a very laid-back storybook kind of feel - you're a bird who sang at the moon and then a storm came and you need to find your way home by putting constellations back together. the art style is great and the way the sound/environment interact with your movements is cool. definitely putting this one in the zen category

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Love Shore:

this is a VN from the itch bundle and it looked like some options were locked suggesting maybe it was a demo, but if that was the case it was really well fleshed out for a demo so ??

anyway there was some really interesting story/worldbuilding and i enjoyed the characters i've met so far - i only played about half an hour but it's definitely compelling

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as a new dad, I have an inaugural dad joke:

I'm really starting to worry about my kid, everyone keeps asking if he was born yesterday. first off, RUDE, but also yes.

Embroidered/appliqued jacket by Masafusa Shibuya, 1994.

pwease may I went one of ur wesidences I would wike to weside in this pwace


🎉 🎉 🎉

it's permitted to be gay. i permit it. and im the queen of gay

Anyway Demon's Souls is an Important game

But it was not, even in 2009, a Good game

2 games away from 1 being able to buy new games and 2 switching instances!

i've put a lot on this milestone but i'm gonna have to keep up motivation to get through these unplayed games so what should my next stipulation be? i'm thinking whatever it is i'll shoot for M-R as my goal (S is a looong section)

Lost Winds:

another game that i can tell isn't designed for pc! took me ages to figure out the controls, still never managed to find a full settings menu. it was a fun concept - a platformer where instead of jumping you create a gust of wind behind you to get where you want to go. in practice it just ended up being kind of tedious but i like that they tried to do something different

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