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do i like playing games or do i just like buying bundles and organizing things? we may never know

anyway here's my revived spreadsheet of free games, anything with my name under "key holder" is up for grabs:

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hey hey it's an updated

i'm ebeth, i'm a living in southeast michigan. i love all types of / including and / (incl )

i have a few things which i always CW ( and along with your regular ol' and ).

i have a and am learning . i'm also into , especially and

i read mostly and have been getting back into

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(don't look at my history of bad toots you are only authorized to read the good ones thank you for your understanding)

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this seems like a giving kind of deck so: leave a reply and i'll draw you a card

The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game:

omfg i love this game!!! it's very short, i ended up playing 45 minutes and finishing the whole thing, but it's hilarious. you're a frog detective that gets sent off on a case to investigate a ghost on an island where the sloth king had hired useless ghost scientists who could not find the ghost. definitely recommend if you want something quick and light and fun

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You know what they say

When life gives you mutuals, make mutual aid

I found out that the Korean title of Groundhog Day is The Black Hole of Love and am losing my entire shit

the best songs in any genre of music are always songs explicitly ABOUT that music.

the best disco songs were all about going out and disco dancing.

the best rock songs are always about how much we like to rock. or how it's only rock and roll.

the best rap? about rapping.

best funk songs are about having the funk, and needing the funk.

country and western? David Allan Coe's best song is straight up meta ode to writing the best country and western song.

Who are some cool people I can get cute/queer/antifa patches for a jacket from? I'd rather not get them from corporations if possible :) feel free to link ur etsy or whatever!!

The Gardens Between:

a nice chill little puzzle game where you can move time back and forth. definitely enjoyed it

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William Joel Hot Takes thread 

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The Fall of Lazarus:

trippy exploration game in space with a rogue AI. i played through the prequel? intro? it was a separate option on the main menu idk. it took about 27 minutes and was fairly interesting. i'll probably give the rest of the game a shot sometime

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The Crew:

it's a racing game! i am *terrible* at racing games!

the tutorial/first race took me almost half an hour, there were lots of cutscenes but also i'm bad at game. it seemed okay as far as racing games go, there was a cohesive storyline which was unexpected and the game was kind enough that i managed to win on my third try. the map is an absolute travesty though - the UP is just labeled "michigan forests" which i guess isn't that far off but then the lower peninsula is basically 80% covered with a street map of detroit

idk if you like racing games this sure is one! i probably won't come back to it

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The Bard's Tale (1985):

this was really fun! an early ttrpg-inspired RPG where you have a party of adventurers who fight and cast spells etc etc. it doesn't stray too far from its d&d roots and seems kind of straightforward and basic until you remember it's 35 years old. it's extremely playable and the few characters i've talked to so far have been interesting.

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Fight Club but its people practicing speaking up for themselves/having confrontations with each other so they can better assert themselves and their boundaries in the outside world.

health stuff, toilet chat 

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health stuff, toilet chat 

there needs to be a term for cis people who have pondered about their gender as much as trans and nonbinary people but ultimately determined that they're cool with their assigned gender. they deserve better lmao.

Let's break the silence and learn, listen and talk more about these inequalities. This is why it's important to include the I in the LGBTIQA+ acronym. ✊🏻💛💜✊🏻 8/8
#QUILTBAG #RadicalSolidarity #withintersex

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