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hot take 

ytmnd is just tiktok but old

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i am at the
the signal github cat video

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donk_enby is a hacktivist who helped expose right-wing extremists in the US and reveal details about the 2021 coup in myanmar. now she needs help, and this fundraiser by is only 14% to its goal. please donate if you can! more details in 🧵

Would you like to open your DEVELOPMENT LOOTBOX? 

You got a MYSTERY CACHE! Something is caching your files. Where is it? What is it doing? How do you clear it? Who knows!

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I am so bad at not spilling water on myself

so dd is "dd - convert and copy a file" right
i wonder if anyone has made a dd fork including ffmpeg and pandoc to do more kinds of conversions
it would be funny i think

I think its sleepy cosy time
wish it didn't have to be in a literal closet though

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2 am 😔
I should have gone to sleep already

federated torrent site
is this anything

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