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okay fuck it

here's gargron's cover of "fireside" by arctic monkeys

he uploaded it to announce audio uploads a few years ago but the file is missing now

i saved it bc i figured it was an important bit of mastodon history lol

@Dee @AgathaSorceress but that could also be ethernet (10BASE5 or 10BASE2)

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cops, partner in jail, pls boost 

reposting from here twitter.com/itsmarthai/status/

>>> Maya is a 17-year old UK citizen, she is trans, and she was not approved for entry to the US at the Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport by immigration on Friday, August 26th 2022. As a result, she had to stay the night, and sleep, in the public waiting room, not being allowed to leave, awaiting a court hearing that was promised for Monday 29th.

Her intention was to obtain a visa upon arrival as is common for UK citizens. Her plan was to stay in the US for a couple of months and go back to the UK before it expired. However, she was not allowed entry as she was suspected of intending to relocate permanently.

The reason for this suspicion is that she is temporarily houseless. In the UK, she has been living independently from her parents, with a roommate legally listed as a trusted adult, but that lease expired on the day of her flight. In the US she intended to stay at a hotel from her arrival date in PDX until September 4th, when she would be able to move into a place provided by a friend’s family for the rest of her stay in the US (a small town in Oregon, for little under 3 months).

This trip came to be because her long term plan (since January) was to move to Mexico with a friend and their family, but that was delayed for several months. However, her lease was already set to expire, and she was left with the option of finding temporary local housing, or visiting friends abroad. Both options being similarly expensive, she chose to take the opportunity to travel.

During her declaration upon arrival, she expressed fear of being sent back home, as she did not want to be sent back to her parents, and even if she was not, in the UK she would have to arrange emergency housing with friends or other lodging, while such arrangements already exist for her in the US. It did not have persecution connotations, nor did it mean she never wanted to go back to the UK. She does not want to request asylum or refugee status.

Ideally, if possible, Maya would like to be allowed to continue her travels, go to PDX, stay in town for a while (either at a hotel or with friends), and then move on to her friend’s parents place for a couple of months before she returns to the UK. She has a return ticket to the UK.

If this is not possible, she hopes that her entry being refused can be processed without creating a permanent record that would barr her from visiting the US in the future. She is willing to go back to the UK, figure out housing there, do the corresponding paperwork, and visit in the future. With her move to Mexico still being the long-term plan, once her friend and their family have finalized the home purchase.

She arrived on Friday 26th, August and was stopped immediately. The morning of Saturday 27th, they told her she’d have to stay in the premises until Monday, however, in the evening (at around 9 pm) she was informed that she would be escorted to a juvenile detention facility in New York at 7 am the next morning (Sunday 28th). By this time, she will have spent almost 48 hours in a public space without the ability to leave.

We do not know the name of the facility, the amount of time she’s expected to stay there, how she will be escorted to this new location, when the judge will see her, whether she'll have to find representation, or anything else.

I, Martha Guzmán, am a friend of Maya’s and reside in Mexico. She and I have discussed online work options in the past for people living in Mexico. I am also willing to assist with housing and paperwork as needed. Her plans in Mexico also include her enrollment in school.

If anybody has the ability to assist with her situation, please email hiremarthai@gmail.com

You can find this on twitter at: twitter.com/itsmarthai/status/

UPDATE. August 28th, 2022. 6:11 am EST. She's headed to Abbott House Shelter, Irvington NY. It is affiliated to CPS. She won't be escorted by cops, thankfully. She just left, she'll try to keep in touch with me, I'll update the page and thread with any info. Thank you 🙏💜

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we should have a public holiday about boats getting stuck

kids can can make little boats to get stuck in a nearby stream, we can have boat getting stuck–themed food, etc.

people clearly like the general idea

me stop opening CWed posts on autopilot at school challenge (impossible)


@AgathaSorceress You get 250 Mbps on DSL??? That's higher than I usually get on cable...

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femboy animators be like, ok now use a tweenk

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I don't want to be alarmist, but google lens is good enough that it can help dox you. all it takes is for a building in the background of a photo to have been listed on zillow, then google lens might be able to find it given that section of the pic

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@selfisekai everything should have introspection queries

this post was made by the definitely not hacker and reverse engineering gang
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convinced the 4yo to eat their beans by explaining if they really hated beans so much, they'd have to defeat them by crushing them with their teeth. still blown away that this worked

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A screenshot of a Reddit post on r/ask:
If a girl bites me, is that a sign?
So I have that coworker and once when we had a playful argument she bit me. Next time we disagreed she said "I'm gonna bite you". I said that I don't mind. Since then she is biting me in a playful manner.
Is that a sign that she likes me? I have no clue.

@SuricrasiaOnline actually rigging a live2d model seems hard, i will simply edit the texture spritesheet of one of the examples to make it look different.

@SuricrasiaOnline i have done this but only with the default models, I should try to make an actual avatar again sometime.

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