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@AgathaSorceress here u go
alias tar-compress="tar czvf"
# usage: tar-compress output.tar.gz input
alias tar-extract="tar xvf"
# usage: tar-extract input.tar (or .tar.gz or tar.bz2 etc.)

@bagder Should I check the box for using curl on android if I'm just use the CLI in Termux?

@charlotte @AgathaSorceress except some that MITM your browsing so they can render pages on a server
ex. Opera Mini and Puffin I think

@sfr WINE stands for Wine (WINE (WINdows Emulator) Internal Name dEfinition) Is Not an Emulator

RE: I love formal letters 

From: decvax!ucbvax!MAINE!easrng Wed May 18 07:02:08 EDT
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Subject: RE: I love formal letters
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I am not a fan of long letters, though they do seem to be needed given how long these messages can take to deliver. I wish we had a direct connection to ARPANET, it would probably be faster than relaying like I have to do now, and maybe it would be possible to have closer to synchronous communication.

(Now I have a bunch of PDFs of long-dead network topology saved on my phone, file this under "high-effort shitposts")

UUCP: mcvax!decvax!ucbvax!MAINE!easrng
ARPA: Not yet, unfortunately.

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@solidsanek and in case mastodon turns it into a video or whatever, here's the original link cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/3936

@solidsanek not a misskey user but here's :beemovie: if you want it

@lyncia poolside is now poolsuite and they also did nfts

Attempted captions 

@132ikl 3 clearly AI-generated images. The first is a variant of a trans flag. It has an extra pink stripe in the middle of the white and has what appears to be a cat on it. The second is a series of abstract reaction faces, including a smug person, a bored person, a person intended to embody correctness, a confused person, and an angry person. Finally, there is what appears to be a headless and shirtless Peter griffin with his face on his belly.

@HXLNT ooo I think one of my moms has one of those somewhere

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