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Why tf doesn't Snapchat have an upload button??? You have to get a lens that overlays the picture you want over the camera feed instead.

Friends? In a notification bar? It's more likely than you think.

Still having trouble making the actual print, but here, have an inverted blobcat

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not really an exploit per se
but if you're running node with the inspector, don't go copying around UUIDs

I was trying to make a :blobcat: but I forgot to cut the mouth out of the stencil I drew...

HAHAHAHAHA it's not even possible to report the page because their WAF thinks it's an XSS attempt lmao

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i'm not shitposting, this is real
has an icon and everything

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Why is bromite doing this? I'm not using the camera. I installed an app that shows when things are using the camera, and sometimes the indicator shows up for a fraction of a second, 3 times in a row. I checked logcat and found this. Should I be worried?

kinda ironic that the YouTube HD quality badge is pixel art

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