Which do you think would be more usable on a dialup connection?

@keith i'm talking about the unmodified (other than adblock) web players for each

@easrng ah. i don't think any of those will be usable though like, everything expects you to have super fast blazing fibre optic quantum nanoparticle 5000Tbps internet

@keith you'd be suprised (please don't post spoilers if you do your own testing)

@easrng probably spotify out of the 3 because you can select the quality otherwise wouldve gone youtube but you also transfer video so probably a waste idk how lowest on spotify would compare to youtube 240p

@easrng yeah looks like spotify low is like 24kbps while youtube 240p is 64 afaik (plus video feed)
i dont think soundcloud has any sort of built in audio rate conversion going on but you could theoretically upload all your stuff at an ever lower bitrate but that would make it tedious (and who wants to even listen to 24kbps in the first place, so i dont want to image lower lol, but i mean there are limitations in this case so)

@easrng actually since you mentioned specifically web player, spotify web player has no audio quality settings so youtube 240p in that case probably


@k Incorrect! The spotify web player takes 7.5 minutes to even load at all, and it seem like it's impossible to get it to play anything. is the only one that actually works. (Soundcloud shows an error if your internet is too slow.)


@easrng yeah i missed the web player part

i think its because these days low bandwidth is still taken into consideration but on a more mobile device level usually

meaning youll have stuff like bitrate select on spotify on the "apps" which are their main focus and maybe not the web player itself because the usages of people have changed since the dialup bandwith era

would be interesting to see how the app performs with low bitrate selected

youtube app would also probably work better


@easrng like if you are in a situation where you have dialup level internet in the first place these days you would probably have a smartphone (for economical and practical reasons) instead of a full blown computer and use a web player in like real world usage i think (i'm maybe totally wrong 🤷)

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