docker is the kind of software that i dont really have Strong Criticisms of but still refuse to use because im doing fine without it and also it has Enterprise Vibes

the performance impact is Allegedly Not Too Bad and i can see why one would want to isolate things, and yet i just do Not enjoy the Enterprise Techbro Startup Vibes so i simpley live without containerizing everything i host

i also have the same exact opinion about tailscale, kubernetes, kibana, etc

if it somehow manages to have worse Enterprise Vibes than literally java then i have enough self respect to Stay Away from it

of course this is a separate category of software i dont like that is different from "software i dont like due to how it works" or "software i dont like due to its maintainers or community"

i feel like theres just a certain gender of software that is like "we ❤️ open source | built with ❤️ go | your local enterprise-core uwu devops glassmorphism microsoft-core æ smol startup | free software | request demo | please pay for our cloud subscription | $9.99/mo | scalable | built with ❤️ love | plug-and-play kubernetes integration"

yes im subtooting træfik. youre going in the "i do not wish to touch the wacky enterprise-core stuff" pile

@AgathaSorceress Yeah, the corporate cardboard-cutout "community" shit. Instant "will not use" for me as well...

Interesting sidenote: this also makes it really obvious how corporations just *are not* capable of doing genuine community building, and that as a genuine grassroots project you can exploit this weakness to completely wreck corporations in their own market even without meaningful funding, if you play your cards right


@joepie91 @AgathaSorceress I've seen corporations do good community building before. But then they pretty much completely fucked it up and changed the focus of their project away from being a community to being a tool but still marketing it as a community. (The thing in question being Glitch. I still use it, but it's sad what happened to it. It used to be way better. They got acquired, I wonder what will happen with them now. Hopefully they don't shut down before they implement a data export thing cus I have like 500 projects spanning 4 years on there, and I'd hate to lose that.)

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