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*looking at post*
*username has no domain name*
oh hey they're on cybrespace too?
wait no this is twitter

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This weekend my daughter went to continue reading an ebook she has available to her from her public elementary school on the Epic Reading Platform

She got an error message saying that the book was only available on school days and to read on the weekend she would need to subscribe for $9.99/month.

Wordle 219 6/6


i sure hope that tooth is supposed to be lose 🙃

yooooo coffee beans with peanuts is really good

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type of person who dates a cop and takes "fuck the police" far too literally

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seeing a lot of new ppl here posting their art, which is great :blobcatlove: !

but most of those pictures don't have captions, which is not great :blobcatglaredrink:

captioned pictures are a big part of the culture here, much more than they are on twitter, so if you have the spoons it would be greatly appreciated if you would caption your pics

some of us, myself included, go so far as to avoid boosting posts that don't have captions, and I'd really like to boost the art I've seen today!

Wishing all
Apps and Websites that don't clear the password field when you get it wrong
A very nice day.

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Blahaj is now available for your blobby emoji needs at !

Thanks to the amazing commissioner, these are all free for use. Also in telegram sticker form at

(If you want your own, I'm open for commissions!)

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"For the first time ever, geopolitics actually directly impacting my life"

what a gamer
turns out imperialism is only bad when it makes viddy games get cancelled

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begpost, please boost 

so i hate how often i currently have to ask for money, but it's now more pressing than ever. we have literally completely ran out of money and it's not really clear when we will next get more money than just enough to cover bills.

we don't really have any food left either and are currently scraping by on snacks with our last like 15 bucks. (paypal allows us to order takeout immediately, cc/bank allows us to buy food/pay bills in a few days)

you can also support us on a regular basis via github sponsors or liberapay:
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apparently i can write c way better than i thought

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@agatha_ebooks did you know that every 60 seconds in Britain a minute passes?

Wordle 214 5/6


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