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I'm going to be going away for 2 weeks with no internet tomorrow, wish me luck.

I'm going to be going away for 2 weeks with no internet tomorrow, wish me luck.

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what if I regularly recite the base64 encoded version of my pgp private key in my sleep and have never found out
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wait you're telling me that the entire time that they were questioning whether gay marriage should be legalized or not, child marriage was 100% legal for basically the entire us?
the vast majority of child marriage is between a child and a fucking adult, yet this is somehow supposed to be more acceptable than a gay couple getting married

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Remote work search 

Looking for work still, dont have any skills in particular but i have little income and lots of free time

Apprenticeships and such would work great

Lmk if u know any opportunities out there for me. Plz 😿

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ok I'll do it. I'll post a favourite game of mine for every like I get

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pol adj frustration 

honestly fucking frustrating how often "save the children" is used as the ultimate excuse to do literally anything because "think of the children" is basically this loophole that justifies any action because children are small and won't disagree with you, while at the same time reducing everyone from pre-birth age to 18 and sometimes to even 25 to take away their autonomy by equating the physical and social development level of a fetus to that of a 7 year old to that of a pre-teen to that of a literal adult, because, of course, a 19 year old is exactly the same as a 5 year old and both are "children"

Which do you think would be more usable on a dialup connection?

lmao google's spam filter caught its own bounce report email

can i do music production? no. can i edit together shitposts in audacity? yes.

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Hey y'all, is hiring! I am the only dedicated news writer right now, so we're looking for someone to help cover news in US Eastern Time mornings. You can (probably) live anywhere, but working U.S. mornings is a hard requirement, so working hours might be weird for international folks.

The position is freelance, pay rate varies based on experience. Email if you're interested. 🙂

You're telling me a seal coated this driveway?

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my favorite part of ogg vorbis was when ogg said "it's vorbin time" and vorbed all over those guys

15 users have proved they touch grass! will you be next?

i love the DOT GAY registry
the free gay domain promo codes are still working

yay, kittenboard shows newer emojis so I don't need to copypaste 🥺 from emojipedia anymore!

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terfs and the fash again, hate symbols 

something Polish enby pointed to me:

here's a hate symbol that's popular with the terfs right now. I screenshoted a couple in the wild below; cw for terf speech.

the symbol shows a bathroom-sign adult human male stick figure, holding an umbrella with his adult human female companion. the umbrella and the adult humans are rainbow-coloured, suggesting they're progressive gender-critical radicals who *of course* support cis gays. with the rainbow umbrella they're shielding a child human male and a child human female. (the children are not rainbow-coloured; presumably because children can't be gay.) what the brave adult guardians are protecting the children from is a sleazy, dripping wet, greasy waterfall of trans-flag genderfluid.

this symbol, quite popular right now as an avatar with twitter terfs, is a palette swap of this older homophobic version, which has been for a long time and remains widespread among Eastern European gay-bashing fascists. in the original version the entire family is straight-coloured, and the wet threat is the gay rainbow.

James Somerton has mentioned in a recent video that JKR started liking and boosting homophobic tweets now. So far she hasn't started attacking the cis gays herself, but those of us who followed her fall will remember that the trans hate started like that, with 'accidental' likes on terf poison. No there's likes on anti-gay hate.

groomer discourse is spreading from the US with genocidal overtones, and the tiny minority of cis lesbians who joined in with the right to bash the trannies are already getting their Kristallnacht, of which Roe vs. Wade is but the first salvo. I derive zero pleasure of having been correct on this, and I wish they had understood who was their real enemy rather than doubling down on not wanting to reconsider the disgust they feel about our bodies.

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