I’m thinking the most accessible web dev stack for a complete beginner is:

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP (and whatever sql thing…mySQL or the MariaDB one probably).

The reason why: all of the standard shared hosts are LAMP stack out the gate + it doesn’t force newbies to have to learn Linux servers.

I’ve spent the last 10 years jumping from language to language trying to learn and I get stuck on EVERYTHING else because anything MEAN/MERN etc etc etc require you to “spin up a Linux server on Heroku or DigitalOcean or Azure or AWS or…”

If you have standard shared hosting on A2 (my preferred) or HostGator or any of those other ones that complete newbs almost always start with…

You can immediately be up and running with the latest HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and MySQL.



@g that's exactly how I started and now I'm containerizing apps, running Kubernetes clusters and working with multiple different frameworks.

I definitely could not have picked any of that stuff up while trying it to learn the basics and making new people do this (and likely ending up causing them huge AWS bills because their billing is difficult to understand) is a bad idea

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