I've seen this post about "Google blocking all third party email accounts starting in June" boosted quite a bit lately ( mastodon.honeypot.im/@digdeepe )

Please stop boosting it: the statement is untrue.

Google will continue supporting app passwords ( support.google.com/accounts/an ). Using them requires two-step verification ( support.google.com/accounts/an ) which you can set up with any TOTP application, no phone required.

(Citation: I use this with mutt, soon also mbsync/isync + mu4e.)

The larger point made by that author *is* true, that Google abuses user trust and people would be very well served by diminishing or eliminating their dependency on Gmail in particular and Google/Alphabet in general.

But the attention-grabbing assertion used to draw attention to that argument is simply not correct.

Hmm, and a little further reading down into the history of the original post author shows that they are in the habit of creating outrage-bait posts in general that flirt with truthiness. Good target for a long, hard side-eye there.


@gnomon also making assumptions and refusing to read up on the sources because you don't want to enable JavaScript is not a sign of someone reporting stuff they've actually researched

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