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self meta 

If I write something shitty and you want to tell me without potentially stirring up a public discussion, you can always feel free to reply with a DM.

I want to know if I mess up and I don’t think that "sliding in DMs" is a thing if it’s just a different visibility on a response.

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Locked my account to have some control over who sees my more personal posts.
Follow requests are always welcome and I’m very likely to approve all of them.

I just hope my app (Toot!) displays the requests properly.

Food growing 

Today we're having pizza with both home grown tomatoes and pieces of said jalapeño.

This is gone be really nice ^^

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Food growing 

Cross pollinating habaneros with jalapeños has led to the hottest jalapeño I've ever had.

Given, I've only had unripe (green) jalapeños before (and this one was red, starting to turn purple) since everything else is difficult to get here but the difference isn't said to be too huge

Meta, serious (not actually that serious) 

I think that more people should post pictures of their cats.

Maybe even mention me to make sure I see them

social media meta 

That also means that without stopping to use the network, it is almost impossible to avoid whatever the day's meta is.
Muting words is rarely enough.

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social media meta 

One of the worse aspects of social media seems to be that people don't engage in conversation as much as they would with more traditional social interaction (like a chat room for example)

Instead of some people talking together about some topic in a thread, everyone reads some take and then posts their own take detached from the original post.

I don't think that's healthy.

I do that as well, but I'm trying to stop.


What's nice about Kubernetes is that you can break your etcd (one of the most important internal components) and still end up with 0 downtime over months of the issue being there

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When I put a slide in my Kubernetes talk that told people that they probably shouldn't run their private stuff on Kubernetes, that's what I meant by the way.

Yes, the underlying issue was caused by something I messed up and a bunch of bad coincidences that led to me only realizing how bad everything was borked about 7 months after I had broken it.
But also, the output from a bunch of commands and large parts of the documentation were simply not helpful at all when trying to fix it.

I think this whole thing may be interesting enough for a postmortem.
It's unlikely that someone else runs into the same issue but it may make for a nice read

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Me: "I'm just gonna install this minor Kubernetes update and then play some Minecraft"

Me, 5 hours later: "finally, everything is working again and I only had minor irrecoverable data loss"

video game opinion 

I kinda hope that Nintendo will add a custom robo game to Nintendo switch online and that many people end up trying it so the franchise gets renewed interest.

Robo/ mech battles may not be as big in the cultural zeitgeist of today as in the 90s but they could always make a comeback

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video game opinion 

They should make a new custom robo game.

The old ones are okay but they're really showing their age in clunky controls and awkward writing.

The series would have so much potential today.

music software nonesense 

Tetris effect but from using a DAW

I think I've used more USB-B cables since I got back into music production a couple months ago than I have in the last 10 years.

I kinda wish stuff had USB-C but I'm mostly glad that in the world of music making, a device will not suddenly be EOL after 2-5 years and they'll still likely be in production instead of having been replaced by a yearly unnecessary refresh

tech, sarcasm 

This is really popular with things that want to become part of people's JS stack for some reason

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tech, sarcasm 

I love emerging tech things where you can read their entire website and still not have any idea what their actual product is

bad tech 

Depending on the width of the last digit, the android TV UI on my shield TV will display time only as hh:m and forgo the last number, probably because that number is broken into a new line which is not rendered.

It has been like this for months now.

...but at least the ads that take up almost half of the space on the Home Screen are rendered correctly

Music, nonsense 

Hot tip for musicians:

When tuning your guitar, it makes sense to remove the pick you stored by placing it between the strings.
That will ensure that the instrument sounds like it should and not widely out of tune, even when it's tuned correctly.

AI generated art showing faces, transmisia maybe 

I also like the one in the upper left with the glasses and bun but the very pronounced adam's apple makes me think that it might have learned from some transmisic caricatures

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AI generated art showing faces 

I guess craiyon will not replace the need to make an album cover myself.

Although those results really are not bad.

I especially like the center one with the guitar. Might actually use this as a base to make something myself.

Cars, nonesense 

I think every time someone honks their car horn, it should summon an angry goose that honks back within their car.

That would maybe make people reevaluate if it's really necessary to honk all the time

asking for music production gear recommendations 

Since I know a bunch of you do music production, I thought I might ask on here before trusting random websites:

Can anyone recommend a decent but affordable (less than 100€ good, less than 50€ better) headset for music production? The razer ones I'm using right now are too bass boosted, cause ear pain when wearing them too long and mess with my glasses

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