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self meta 

If I write something shitty and you want to tell me without potentially stirring up a public discussion, you can always feel free to reply with a DM.

I want to know if I mess up and I don’t think that "sliding in DMs" is a thing if it’s just a different visibility on a response.

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Locked my account to have some control over who sees my more personal posts.
Follow requests are always welcome and I’m very likely to approve all of them.

I just hope my app (Toot!) displays the requests properly.


Plants water consumption is so interesting to look at.

Before leaving on Wednesday, I gave my tomatoes and chilies more than two liters of water each, in an automated irrigation system. Both where almost empty this morning.

I also watered my yucca and needle tree and their soil is still slightly moist. (It's special water retaining soil because I'm prone to forgetting to water my plants)

Gardening really is one of the most rewarding hobbies out there.

It's not even that expensive or time consuming, at least with the plants I'm growing.

It's just nice ^^

Electric wiring stuff 

Trying to find out which device broke because a breaker kept getting tripped and finding out it's not a specific device but a wall outlet that trips it whenever anything is plugged into it was not something I needed tonight tbh

Break in scare but with funny reason 

Also clocks in some devices are incorrect and dhcp seems broken.

That probably was a longer outage than I had thought

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Break in scare but with funny reason 

Correction: no infrared lights but a short power outage that turned all "smart" devices on like they should after being power cycled.

That's a lot more likely, also considering that our TV just cold booted, which it never does

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Break in scare but with funny reason, bodily fluid and alcohol mention but not really 

The robot then did not make it back to its charging spot and passed out in its own vomit after going on this bender

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Break in scare but with funny reason 

After spending multiple days away from home for the first time in literally years, I got half a panic attack, finding the lights on and a lamp on the floor.

The reason: apparently some infrared lights came through the window and turned on our remotely controlled lights as well as our vacuum robot who went on a bit of a riot

public speaking 

One person who didn't get in asked me if I'd hold the talk again.

Maybe if I finish all the open tasks I've still got and I find enough interesting stuff to add, I'll do that.

Until then: the recording is there and I'm here on fedi, happy to answer any questions that may come up

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It's also really weird to come into a room 15 minutes before holding a talk and seeing it's half full with people who want to listen to what I've got to say.

They most definitely weren't there because of me personally but rather because the topic sounded interesting to them but it still felt pretty good

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I've been told there where about 20 people who wanted to get in my Kubernetes talk but couldn't because the room was full already.

Really not something I expected and apparently not something the orga expected either since it was in the smallest room. (at least from the three where I had talks)

Luckily the VOC was extremely quick in publishing the recording so if you couldn't make it for whatever reason, it's already uploaded and you can watch me ramble (and swear a bit more than planned) about infrastructure stuff.

allergy meds, question 

Are there any stronger otc antihistamines than Cetirizin?

I think it doesn't cut it for me right now :/

sarcasm and maybe a bit of a subpost of the sentiment some people on here have about modern web tech 

If I can't use your site on a decade old ebook reader, I'm not interested


Finding deceptive design patterns in the software I use to prepare my talk about deceptive design patterns is interesting


Did you know there's a Kurdistan flag emoji?

It's not supported anywhere apparently but emojipedia lists it.
It also has the most complex joining sequence I've ever seen

public speaking, asking for help 

I want all of my talks to be as good as possible but this one comes with a chance to mess up in front of even more people so I'm a bit more stressed about it..

Maybe I can ask the orga to switch slots with my Kubernetes talk, that one is really good and should fill the entire time

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public speaking, asking for help 

Does anyone have interesting examples of software breaking when trying to handle emoji?

My talk is supposed to be half an hour but I'm only at 20 minutes or so right now and it's the one that's taking place in the largest lecture hall, so I want it to be as good as possible

tech, question 

Does anyone know of a website like caniuse that also includes nodejs/ jsdom?

I had a test fail today even though it works as intended in every browser because the jsdom implementation is borked.
That was not fun to debug..

I know that mdn (rip their old design) sometimes includes node and deno but for the feature I was looking for it did not

video game idea, music 

I wish there was a rocksmith sequel that was called punksmith and didn't even pretend to teach how to play the instruments right but rather show people how they can have fun with them and make something that sounds halfway decent

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