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Locked my account to have some control over who sees my more personal posts.
Follow requests are always welcome and I’m very likely to approve all of them.

I just hope my app (Toot!) displays the requests properly.

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I really like the fact that one can fav DMs here ^^

It’s like a minimal interaction that says I like what you said but maybe I can’t reply right now.

You might remember that due to my occasional inability to regulate how much work I do or to feed myself, I was given a new manager ... my cat.

The rules are, I eat when he wants to eat. I break when he wants to break.

Today, he can be your manager too. I'll time-stamp each of his management moments so you can follow along in your timezone.

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Why didn’t I realize that I had spilled a bunch of curry on my pants before putting them on this morning?

Now I’ve got yellow stains and can’t change :/

My watch keeps measuring the pulse of my nightstand and it’s substantially higher than my pulse.

This screws with the averages and I don’t want to wear my watch while sleeping.

status: unconvinced that neurotypical people exist

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*weather outside turns apocalyptic

Pokémon Go: Are you sure you want to play this right now? It’s safer to stay inside.
My watch: Hey, you haven’t moved much today. How about you take a little stroll outside?

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are you a woman who's sick of being treated like you know nothing about computers by men? here's a tip that's worked for me for years: don't be attractive

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