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Locked my account to have some control over who sees my more personal posts.
Follow requests are always welcome and I’m very likely to approve all of them.

I just hope my app (Toot!) displays the requests properly.

Self promotion 

New blogpost time!

This time I’ve written about my experience choosing a work laptop in 2021, maybe it can be interesting to others in a similar situation.

"white hat" hackers, intelligence agencies, news article link 

I don’t think there is any ethical reason not to disclose vulnerabilities used by "western" intelligence agencies.

Even if we pretend that there actually is oversight and that the vulns are only used against truly evil people (which history has shown again and again, they are not) it‘s still really dangerous to leave 0days unpatched.

The EternalBlue exploit that caused a shit ton of damage to people who definitely are not terrorists after being leaked could’ve been patched way earlier when the nsa hadn’t kept it a secret.

The notion to not attribute "western" APTs also steps really deep into the territory of propaganda.
They keep talking about the evil Russian/ North Koran hackers who everyone should be afraid of while silently ignoring those who work for their own governments.

This creates an asymmetry in Information that prevents people from forming informed opinions.

rms, misogyny, incredibly bad take 

I came across a take defending rms because women seem more interested in UX than free software anyways so it’s not bad he drives them off.

This is not only incredibly misogynistic but also a great example why free software will never reach the consumer mainstream.

If you treat UX as an entirely different thing than free software (and even imply that it’s somehow less important) it shouldn’t surprise anyone when your UX is shit.

Language and memes 

Some time ago, many people on German Twitter used sus to mean cute (the German word for it is süß) and it took me until today to find out this current meme where people or behaviors are called sus does mean an entirely different thing.


I know these days many remotes come with a Netflix key, but does yours come with one for internet explorer?

Every time something is censored with stars or audio is bleeped over, my mind inserts swear words.

I just unsubscribed from some newsletter and wondered why I had chosen _that_ as my email for them

looking for someone to commission for pixelart, boosts appreciated 

Does anyone want to create a pixelart blåhaj?

I want to make a mod to add it to stardew valley but my pixelart skills are.. well, to call them skills would be an overstatement.

I’d be willing to pay 30€ (which I hope is enough) and it should be licensed to allow me to redistribute the art with the mod under MIT.

It should be 32x16 pixels (any orientation is fine)

Rainbow capitalism 

(Also their UI has gotten considerably worse since I last used it, at least for watching your local content. I didn’t figure out how to do it and just used the gallery app on my android tv instead)

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Rainbow capitalism 

Plex putting the trans pride and rainbow flag app icons behind a paywall by requirement Plex pass to use them may be one of the best/ worst examples of rainbow capitalism I’ve ever seen

covid pol, tech 

On a scale from 1 to re-opening schools right now, how bad of an idea is it to test an idea for an exploit on my daily driver phone that I can’t afford to replace right now?

covid Pol 

It’s also the moral obligation of every pilot to refuse to fly tourists to Mallorca, even if our government pretends that’s okay.

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covid Pol 

I think it’s the moral obligation of everyone who works at a place that stores the covid vaccines that aren’t used because some people got side effects to leave the doors unlocked when they leave for the night.

ads, gaming, vaccines 

I guess the first is just a lucky shot but I see it super often and it’s a bit weird

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ads, gaming, vaccines 

Some targeted advertisement: Get a *second* dualSense controller to play with friends
(I do actually own one even though I don’t have a ps5)

Other targeted advertisement: Vaccinate your child for meningitis, you want it to survive, don’t you?
(I do not have a child, I will never have one, and if I did, I would get it vaccinated for everything I can even without some ad telling me to)


What the internet was supposed to be: all information imaginable, freely available to anyone

What the internet became: People creating more CO2 than a small family does in a year to prove they "own" some image file that someone else stole off an artist’s Instagram profile

bad language joke, lewd but not really 

Cock, or how it’s called in Great Britain: roochester


My pet peeve is that everything that looks "retro" is called 8 Bit, even when something resembles snes or even ps1 games

bad Stardew valley mod idea, mental health 

Also things like walking, carrying items in your inventory, bad weather and more would all cost spoons.

The game would be literally unplayable but on some days, life seems like that too

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bad Stardew valley mod idea, mental health 

Could be useful to explain the concept of spoons though

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bad Stardew valley mod idea, mental health 

Stardew Valley mod that renames energy to spoons and makes it so that talking with people also costs spoons (less if you’ve got a high friendship level) and you wake up with a semi randomized amount each day.

This would actually be terrible if I think about it.

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