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Locked my account to have some control over who sees my more personal posts.
Follow requests are always welcome and I’m very likely to approve all of them.

I just hope my app (Toot!) displays the requests properly.

I very much identify with a blue robot from an early 2000s Nickelodeon cartoon.

Thinking about it, I might’ve unconsciously chosen my name because of her.

Interesting stuff.

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The world would be an amazing place if we abolished cars for everyone who doesn’t _need_ them.

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This could be done using the badge, however since badges are (supposed to be) hacked all the time, maybe a hardware token will end up working better.

Idea for a conference: Every attendee receives a token when they enter.
In order to pose a question, they must show that token.
It their question ends up being „more of a comment“, the microphone gets turned off and they lose the token.

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Learning how to draw in the style of these wikihow guides would definitely improve my shitposting potential.

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