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Locked my account to have some control over who sees my more personal posts.
Follow requests are always welcome and I’m very likely to approve all of them.

I just hope my app (Toot!) displays the requests properly.


Who would win?

Me, trying to sleep at a reasonable time for once


Me, dropping the glass water bottle I was getting to have something to drink tonight on the floor, shattering it and spilling it’s contents

UX complaining 

My biggest UX pet peeve is when an unexpected error occurs and there’s no feedback to the user so the loading animation just keeps spinning forever.

It happens so damn commonly and it is incredibly annoying

Finally got around to fixing the Gameboy I accidentally destroyed earlier this year when I was trying to put in a backlight.

I’ve gotta say, putting the power LED in Pikachu‘s cheek is a really cute idea ^^

stardew Valley, Minor Shane spoiler, alcohol 

I’ve got a mod for stardew Valley that lets me set what people should call me instead of the default gendered words.

Today it led to this great exchange

pandemic, travel 

Okay, so as expected, riding a crowded train during a pandemic is terrible.

But there’s a very small dog looking at me and yawning, so it’s almost tolerable here

tech, Linux 

For something with the mnemonic "reboot even if system utterly broken" , restarting a crashed system with the Magic SysRq Key works way too rarely

tech, iOS 

Also notifications have a much larger border radius which looks really weird imo

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tech, iOS 

Seriously, when I went to Android years ago it was the thing I missed most.

When I came back to iOS and they removed this feature, I was really disappointed

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tech, iOS 

iOS 15 has brought back one of the most important features that a previous version removed

Game jam 

Here’s the game we managed to make:

We didn’t fit in every planned feature and there’s a lot of bugs but this is still something to be proud of.

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Game jam 

Day 2/3 and I‘m getting a bit scared that we might not finish in time.

The project scope is handleable but still large and I really underestimated how commonly Godot would throw some rocks into my way.

Some complex things work easily out of the box while seemingly easy things are almost impossible and nobody on the face of the earth (or rather, google) has ever tried them

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Game jam, food 

Considering I had close to no knowledge of the engine we‘re using, I managed to do a lot today.

Still got two days left (and we took Monday off work so we’ve got the whole day) and I‘m confident we’re gonna be able to submit ^^

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Game jam, food 

1am on day one and we’ve already got most of our game for this Ludum Dare planned.

I also made some vegan jerky as a good, protein rich snack that won’t make our hands oily and keyboards disgusting.

I‘m pretty confident that this is gonna work out well ^^

Food adjacent 

Me: Still has tabs from multiple years ago open

Also me: closes the tab of a recipe before I’m done cooking it

consumerism, food but not really 

Oh gosh, I wish I had 250$ to waste on this:

(It’s a **huge** avocado plush)


This is mostly about monitoring and observability.
In addition to my reactive monitoring, I finally set up centralized log collection last week after two services had half-crashed without triggering an alert.

My problem now is that the logs are utterly useless with default config

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I wonder at what exact point I went from being happy just hosting my blog that almost nobody reads on whatever crappy infra I’ve got available to reading up on how google does SRE and implementing their methodologies.


same goes for log collection.

This is actually pretty counter productive because when I encounter it I stop reading correctly and start skipping through the article

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Why do so many guides for Kubernetes backup solutions begin by explaining how to set up a cluster?

Who thinks "oh, this backup solution looks neat, I guess I'll set up some new infrastructure so I have something to backup with it"?

landlords, bad joke about some thing people did on Facebook 10 or so years ago 

So, I recently read my lease contract and it says there that my landlord is entitled to almost half of my wage every month just because I live in an apartment they own.

This is outrageous and not uncommon.
Check your lease and if it contains similar things, copy this post to your wall:

I hereby revoke consent to give my landlord half of my income effective immediately.
I will continue to live here but I do not agree to give away my money and have it used for their purposes.

Spread the word to help others as well.

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