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Locked my account to have some control over who sees my more personal posts.
Follow requests are always welcome and I’m very likely to approve all of them.

I just hope my app (Toot!) displays the requests properly.

Animal crossing, gender roles + 

The first word should’ve been on, not ok .-.

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Animal crossing, gender roles + 

Ok my island there’s a bear who’s kind of got a Ron Swanson from parks and recreation vibe (very masculine, deep voice, etc)

Yesterday I gifted him a dress and he was so happy, he immediately put it on and then continued walking around wearing it.

This game really doesn’t care about gender roles and it’s amazing.

romantic saying, food, will make some people angry 

"You put the pineapple on my pizza ❤️"

suicide prevention mention 

That said, if you want resources for suicide prevention: I compiled a small list at

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CN request, suicide mention 

Please don’t post the numbers of suicide prevention hotlines without CN.

Seeing these numbers can be quite a bad trigger for some people.


"Why wasn't my alertmanager notified when memory usage became problematic?"
* Restarts prometheus to apply new config
* Memory usage is no longer problematic because it was prometheus that apparently leaked memory

saneism, yet another subpost of someone not on here 

I just love to be put in the same place as literal mass murderers because my brain chemistry is fucked and my childhood was shit.

That really helps. </sarcasm>

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saneism, yet another subpost of someone not on here 

Fun fact: I’ve been trying -and failing- to find a therapy spot on and off for years.

Should I commit a mass shooting now because therapy doesn’t seem to be an option for me?
I don’t think so.

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saneism, yet another subpost of someone not on here 

Telling bad people to go to therapy isn’t the front you think it is.

It also doesn’t hurt those you’re trying to hurt.

subpost of someone not on here, tech 

I recently read something by someone who called Frontend devs who write slow code "soycoders" and to be honest I just stopped caring about anything else they said.

The word obviously comes from the misogynistic fascist hoax that men are becoming less manly from the estrogen contained in soy but what makes it even worse is the urbandictionary definition, which just soaks of toxic tech bro "I‘m better than you" crap.

I read this yesterday and I can’t get over how mad it makes me, even though I am a frontend dev who hates slow sites and works to improve performance and accessibility wherever I can, so it really isn’t a front against me.


Siri suggestions seem to disagree with my decision to switch to nginx as my ingress confroller

tech, health mention 

After feeling like crap all Friday, I actually did progress quite a lot on my cluster during the remaining weekend.

I can now deploy nodes using ansible, I’ve got a working ceph cluster, nginx ingress controller as well as monitoring + grafana

Only big-ish task left is certmanager, once that’s done I’m basically finished.

If I keep this pace up, I’ll be able to deploy on prod later this month ^^

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gaming hardware 

As someone with dyslexia, I can tell you that Steam Deck is an absolutely terrible name for a new product

Animal crossing, pol, partially joking 

The fact that my real life passport can’t look like this shows what’s wrong with the world

tech, animal crossing 

My sever room has been upgraded.

Now I just gotta hurry up and build my real k8s cluster .-.


Autocorrect seems to know how much I hate icon fonts

tech, video game 

I have since moved to a dedicated server space

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tech, video game 

No one: how‘s your Kubernetes learning project going?


fireworks discussion, Alcohol mention 

There‘s fireworks discussion and once again I feel like saying that drone light shows look better, are comparatively silent and can be reused.

Cities should ban fireworks and organize centralized drone shows instead.

I don’t want drunk people with explosives anywhere near me.

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