@witchfynder_finder Much earlier, I had watched the Lynch version when it came out and it was awesome at the time but… nothing like this.

@witchfynder_finder that’s so cool! I read it to my partner about 25 years ago, so both of us really loved the film.

@witchfynder_finder it was glorious, I had tears in my eyes at times when it hit the beloved beats of the book, small and large. It just felt so right. And vast.

Tickets for Dune: secured. (It’s only just arrived in our country, so booking seats at what may be our nation’s BIGGEST screen.

@nigel good point, they’re great for that and not just the usual “what if the power goes off” scenario…

@nigel cool thanks! I like the idea of batteries too but it seems they’d only give you a few hours off grid at best, unless you install several.

@nigel hey there… do you know who are the good solar installers locally? I’m getting increasingly interested — less for the payback (we use less than 8000 units per year now) and more for the doing the right thing aspect.

Gathadair relayed

Boost this post, I want to know how far this post goes.

Ok so there’s a new iOS only photography sharing app called glass.photo/ and it’s

1) no ads
2) no algorithms but
3) you gotta pay $30US per annum after a 14 days trial.

I can only find boring white guys like me on it right now, I’d love to find more interesting stuff from more diverse people.

I feel this is likely related to 2) and 3) above plus it’s still chaining out via invite from those already on it.

Related: I have three invites to share if anyone wants to try it.

Harrow the Ninth is... unexpected... but the reviews indicate that persistence is rewarded...

@iconography@glitterkitten.co.uk shit, I fell into your carefully laid trap didn’t I...

@iconography@glitterkitten.co.uk at some risk of mansplaining I think that might be you as Red Sonja, a female barbarian who used to kick around with Conan. It’s very nicely done!

I have been sucked in by the irrepressible niceness of Ted Lasso. It’s just great TV for these times.


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